• The body problems from yesterday are FIXED!  Yah!
  • I want to go for a long run (15 km) today but my legs have been really sore lately, esp the ITB/knee area.  It’s a weird pain, not like DOMS but mainly achey at night.  I think the sensible thing to do is cut down on the distance today and make an appointment to see my physio this week.  Also I prolly need new running shoes.
  • I went to the local YMCA gym yesterday using my pass for the Active Families Challenge.  They have a program that is like personal training but 5 x 30 min sessions of boxing.  Only trouble is it’s $175.  I really don’t have that money to spare atm on account of going overseas and also that would pay for new running shoes!  What I really need is just someone to box with – if anyone has done some boxing (I’m not real good at it but know the basics) and wants to met up once a week to train with me, let me know.
  • Oh, they do have a boxing class at the gym but it’s one of the classes that allows teenagers.  I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that.
  • I’ve been eating badly the past 2 days.  Mostly because people keep giving me food.  I really need to work on NOT eating yummy food just because it’s offered to me.  Well except for Andy’s homemade apple crumble (from his homegrown apples) cos that would be a severe neglection of motherly duty if I didn’t eat it 🙂
  • When I was in my mid 20s I lost a lot of weight.  Having been overweight (100+ kgs) most of my adult life, I got down to the thinnest I’d ever been.  I felt good and healthy and strong.  Then shit happened and I regained all the weight.  I struggled for years and years – just wanting to get back to that size.  I was thinking about this yesterday and realised that my thinnest, mid 20s weight was 90 kgs.  I am below that now and not happy with my weight but once that was my dream.

Lots of fun planned for today – a shorter run then housecleaning and cooking.


2 responses to “Thoughts

  1. mmmMMMmmm apple crumble!

    I’m interested to know where you’ll go with that last thought…

  2. I agree with Ani… MMMMMM apple crumble is the bestest thing ever! Can we come round to your place for an apple crumble party sometime? lol

    It’s funny how time can affect the way we see ourselves. When I got down to within 10kg of my goal weight in my early 20s I still felt fat. But man, what I wouldn’t give to weigh 85kg now!!

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