I’ve had a big spike in my weight today.  I put this down to a few things (well other than that morning tea at work yesterday… and apparently they have them every Friday!).

Firstly, I have poo issues.  I have ongoing poo issues.  This is because our toilet seat is broken.  There are some things in life you want to be stable.  One of them is the seat under your butt when you go to the toilet. 

Secondly, my period is way, way due. 

Thirdly, crappy sleep.

All this adds up to a big, cranky, bloated me.  Full of bodily surpluses.  Errrrk!

2 responses to “Blurk

  1. All these things totally effect the number on the scale so forget the number you got and fix your toilet seat before you explode! I don’t know why but I’ve got visuals going on LOL. I’m a sucker for toilet humour.

  2. I was having a bit of a ‘I hate my tummy’ moment but then I realised I was letting one (relatively) small section of my body colour my whole self-perception. Now when I catch myself hating it, I say “I love my whole body” . A bit Oprah but it seems to be working 🙂

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