Mmmm … pie

Today in the bathrooms at work, I was appraising myself and decided I’d look much better without the spare tyre around my midriff.  The one that looks like I’m wearing a floatation device under my clothes.  I figured I’d be about 46% better all over.  Maybe more.

Then it struck me – the whole appraisal of ourselves/self esteem thing is like a pie chart.  As in, if I magically got rid of that 46% then all the other bits of the pie would readjust.  The dodgy eyebrows might grow from 2% to 5%, the floppy arm skin – that would be way up there.

It’s a pie chart, it’s always going to add up to 100%.  The only thing you can do is make the pie smaller.


Why does Hello Kitty have a makeup range?  She’s a cat.  I’m not wearing cat makeup – who’d do that?


3 responses to “Mmmm … pie

  1. Ah, if I could magically shift the butt-flab, but keep some boobage, I’d be content.

    ….No, I probably wouldn’t, because as you say, another piece of the pie would dominate and begin to bug me.

    Hello Kitty makeup – LOL.

  2. Bwahaha, I get the MAC emails and thought WTF as well LOL.

    Mmm pie, I miss those fat laden apple pies with cream on top.

  3. LOL, I get your point. If I wasn’t focusing on the fat I’d be focusing on something else to dislike about myself. So better just to love yourself, stubby toes, dodgy eyebrows, short fingers and all.

    Mmmm Apple and Rhubarb Crumble with custard and vanilla icecream.

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