I think I’m getting back my commitment to Sparkle Motion – well the healthy eatin g anyways.  I’ve not been 100% angelic – yesterday I had a chocolate cupcake with caramel frosting and today a slice of chocolate cake then a chicken burger from the shop for dinner.  And, apart from the chocolate cake which was crap, I don’t regret it at all.  Especially the cupcake…OMG…

Even with indulgences, I’ve been within my calorie limits for the days.  Yah. 

I think a lot of my problem has been trying to be too perfect lately.  Wanting to have a 100% clean slate of eating.  I can’t live up to that.  So I fail and feel shit about it.

My stars today said that I am going through the same crap because there is a lesson I haven’t learnt yet – spooky, huh…

I’ve also been totally hard on myself exercise-wise – making schedules that no sane person would want to follow and feeling I need to do so much.  If I do something every day, then I’m doing enough.  I don’t have to do cardio + weights + yoga + etc … and heaven only knows I don’t do it!

Anyway, I walked to work today for the first time.  It was okay but I need to work out how to short cut through Fairfield Park without getting lost.  Today I stuck to the road to play it safe but the road is full of trucks pumping out icky fumes and I got to work feeling grimy.  The park is pretty and full of nature (hopefully NOT snakes that early in the morning).

I also discovered that getting to work on PT is less complicated than I thought.  The tram from work mets up with a station on my train line so I don’t have to go into the city and back out again.  Tomorrow I’m going to catch PT to work then run home.  Awesome exercise and I can explore the tracks through the park without fear of being late for work.

Last night I went to go-go dancing after a few week’s break.  I got an awesome go-go tee shirt.  Dancing is fun!


3 responses to “Coping

  1. Meh. Perfect is boring. Dirty things up a little and you’ll be fine. Works for me.

    Go-go dancing? Now you’re getting your groove back!

  2. Go-go dancing?? Boy does that sound like fun!!

  3. Perfection. My yoga teacher always goes on about us being perfect just the way we are and that we need to accept ourselves. I think our problem is our expectations as well. I had my mini-breakdown last night because I failed on a whole lot of them this week. Now onwards and upwards.

    It’s great that you worked out a better work/exercise routine that’ll work better for you.

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