Yesterday I was sitting in a cafe and the guy behind me was saying that this year was shaping up to be his best year ever. 

That really hit me.

Have you heard anyone say that about this year?

It seems almost wrong to think like that – what with the bushfires and all the economy disasters.  We aren’t supposed to be cheerful.  We aren’t supposed to be optimist.  We aren’t supposed to be running toward a glittering future.  It’s no longer right.

I think one of the things preying on my mind lately is that I’ve got my holiday to Japan coming up.  Of course, I want to go.  I want to go more than anything.  But the shiny edge has been taken off.  My head gets stuffed with the maybes… maybe I should… maybe I shouldn’t.  I haven’t even told my mum I’m going overseas because I don’t want the burden of her pessimism adding to my own.

Mostly I feel guilty.  I’ve got the savings and I’ve planned a bargain basement holiday (well bargain costs, fabbo hotel).  I’m taking anything away from anyone, get still I feel guilty.  What if I come back and I’m jobless and homeless and my life becomes a big punishment-for-going-on-holidays disaster? 

But, you know what, either I go on hols and the whole economic situation gets worse – in which case it’s a good thing I’m going now – or it gets better.  I need to let go of my guilt and my gloom.  I mean, I’ve spend the good years saving and scrimping, not splurging on unnecessary items like plasma tvs and a big, fuel-guzzling car.  Why shouldn’t I enjoy myself?

I need to affirm my confidence in the future.  There are good things in store for me.  There are wonderful, magical things.  I have faith in this life and when bad things do happen, they don’t last forever.


7 responses to “Cheerful?

  1. Yeah. Don’t let the gloomy bastards get you down.


  2. You have every right to be cheerful and enjoy life. You are going to have a fabulous trip! Japan is awesome. There are good, wonderful, magical things in store. ENJOY.

  3. yes. Yes. YES!!!
    When I was racing on the weekend I decided I would enjoy every minute of it. Mind you, that left about 50 seconds per minute to whine and bitch and moan, but I was determined to find something to enjoy, and I did, and had an enjoyable (if painful) race. We all have so many blessings & although it’s unfashionable to count them, let’s do it anyway. They’ll wonder what we’re smiling about

  4. Well I think that it’s times like now that it is important to be optimistic and have things to look forward to, otherwise what hope is left?

    Go on your holiday, have a blast, and then come back with a new lease on life and a vigour for doing what you really want to do.

    I must admit, that this year is shaping up pretty well for me too.

  5. Very wise post Kathryn! I’m pretty happy with how my year is going, too… we shouldn’t feel guilty for that!

  6. too bloody right – there’s enough getting us all down, ’bout time we learned to look on the bright side and remembered to enjoy ourselves

    I heard on the radio the other day that vets are reporting owner’s anxiety is causing depression in pets and teachers are noticing a downward trend with school kids. Definitely time for a holiday!

  7. What’s that saying about living in the present, should you get run over by a bus tomorrow? It’s all in the way we choose to react to it – positively or negatively, and how we adapt to the changes we need to make. Got me thinking about making more positive changes myself so I can enjoy the present!

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