Weight loss and weight loss attempts throw a myriad of questions at us. There are the easy questions, the ones you can solve with a bit of creative thinking so long as you aren’t just looking for an excuse to slack off.  Eg.

Q. Why did I eat that calorie-laden takeaway the other night?

A. Because I was tired and had no food in the house. 

Well that is an excuse, not an answer but you can easily resolve a one-off situation – get some ready meals in the fridge, pre-cook dinners, use online grocery shopping.  or even just suck it up as once in a while indulgence.  Same when you don’t meet your exercise goals or whatever stumbling blocks come along.

I’m realising now though that I’m facing a big, big question.  That question is:

If weight loss is a priority in my life, why do my actions constantly contradict my goals?

That’s a doozy.  That’s the sort of thing that involves wading through the murky depths of mind-sludge.  For months now, I’ve been making a half-arsed effort.  I take off a few kgs then put them back on.  It’s like groundhog day. 

I know what I have to do but I keep making bad choices. 

I’m really not happy with my life at the moment.  Not that there are any major problems, I just seem to have lost my bounce. 

People say to ‘fake it until you make it’ all that kind of thing and, while I think it’s good advice (well it sure beats sitting around hogging into TimTams until you get your head sorted out), I also think that real change means getting to the root of issues and getting them sorted for once and for all.

I’m going to start making a real effort – both to get the food working and to get everything else working as well.


6 responses to “Questions:

  1. Hi, came through Kek’s blog to find you. The reason that you’re failing time and time again is not realizing our Stone Age tendencies and that is to reach for the most calorie dense food in order to survive and make babies. Your body could care less about looking good. The other thing you should consider is the foods you over do – you may have an allergy/intolerance/addiction issue.

    Liz N

  2. I hear ya.
    The age old question.
    I don’t find the “fake it till ya make it” helpful….I have been making very small tweaks regularly and am hoping that this will help in the long term.
    Recently, I have made a few rules for myself, those being: don’t eat chocolate or drink wine during the week unless going out somewhere (or have done massive exercise). I find it’s working at the moment.

  3. “real change means getting to the root of issues and getting them sorted for once and for all” – couldn’t agree more there (and I might have to quote you, yet again!). That’s the only way that the good habits and the results you work so hard for will stick around. It takes so much more courage to really dig deep.

    Big hugs – I know you’ll get your bounce back 🙂

  4. after reading this I have decided that it’s time to stop BSing about how much wine I drink and why I don’t lose weight. Thanks Kathryn!

  5. Hon, you’ve had lots of change and uncertainty in your life lately so I reckon you need to cut yourself some slack.

    We both worked hard to lose the bulk of our weight but smaller amounts are not that much of a motivator.

    I started working with a Personal Trainer to get me motivated again and I tell you what, since I started keeping an actual pen/paper journal of what I eat, feel and what exercise I do as well, it seems to have helped get me back on track.

    Are you still running? You used to run everyday yeah? I know when I don’t do yoga everyday, life just seems tough to me. I know it might sound silly but having that routine, that one thing that really makes me feel good, I need to do that everyday and then it feels like I am on top of the world.

    There’s also that saying, if you really want to do it, you will. Sit down and have a think about it. Write down what it is you really want to do, even make a poster of it and put some real work into it. I think it might help get you focused again.

  6. You need to get your groove back, find some inspiration, maybe aim to cook a new healthy recipe a week. Change is as good as a holiday so maybe you need to implement just one change and the rest will follow. I don’t really know, I thought I was doing ok but I didn’t lose a smidge of weight in FEb and then just had photos of me at the hen’s night posted on facebook and I would seriously like to die at the embarassment of how fat I actually am.

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