To keep me on track, I’ve signed up for the Premier’s Active Families Challenge.  

You have to do 30 mins of exercise a day for 30 days over the next 6 weeks, starting Monday.  Even my chronically fatigued sister (who is doing it with me… hence the family bit) reckons she’ll make it, easy.  I mean 30 minutes a day isn’t exactly a big ask – and mostly when I get started, I keep going and push myself a bit further.

Also, you get a 15 visit pass to the YMCA.   Too good!


6 responses to “Challenge

  1. Hey – that sounds like a great way to motivate through the problems you blogged about yesterday – good move, and 15 free visits as well – bargain!

  2. Sounds like a good idea to me! Except I was having a browse around that website, and saw this:

    My hips, thighs and legs are much heavier than the rest of my body. What form of exercise will cause weight loss but not cause them to bulk up? I already weight train (in the upper area of the body), stretch, walk lots and jog occasionally.

    Low impact exercise is the recommended exercise regimen to help with weight loss. Using weights, dumb-bells and other such equipment is more likely to be related with bulking up. Examples of low impact exercise would be brisk walking or jogging. Diet should be another consideration in weight loss, as a balanced diet is important in a general weight loss program. Speak to your local doctor about what other things you can do.

    How are people still perpetuating the whole “weights will make you bulk up” thing? Does my head in!

  3. I got a notice from Josh’s school about this and the 15 freebies were enough incentive for me to join too.

  4. It’s a good idea – the incentives are great, and might get a few people moving who otherwise wouldn’t do much.

    The descriptions of one’s activity level made me laugh though. You could walk for 30 mins 5 x a week and you get to describe yourself as “very active”


  5. Ha, I’m with KEK – very active is athlete material, not just walking around the block everyday. This is why people get so de-motivated when they are trying to lose weight, they think they are actually doing more than they are and then wonder why they’re not losing weight faster.

    I think this is a great idea otherwise and so cool that your sis is doing it with you. It’s motivating to have someone else to do it with.

  6. Good luck with the challenge Kathryn. Hope it all goes well for you.

    Do you think that if I sign up I can use the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km event as the whole month’s worth of exercise? 😆

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