I started this week well – did loads of cooking on the weekend to see me through the week and had stuff organsied for lunches and breakfasts.  I had a whole exercise schedule worked out.  Then, around Wednesday, the plan just fell apart. 

I’ve done next to no exercise this week and started eating just too much.  I think these are the factors that contributed to the situation:

  • letting the cold/rain stop me from exercising. 
  • I’ve still got a few weeks to go on my gym membership.  I have no motivation to go into the city after work and use the gym though but I feel like it’s a waste of money to go elsewhere. 
  • On top of that, I’ve got into the mindset that if I do go to the gym, I have to an EXTREME workout – all or nothing. 
  • Even though I made stuff for lunch like chicken and tuna type things, I didn’t have other stuff to go with it.  I’d made couscous on the weekend but only enough for a couple of meals. 

These aren’t excuses.  They are things I have to work around.  With the exercise, I have to just do it.  Go to the gym or workout at home or whatever – so long as I do something.  With the food, a bit more planning.

I guess it’s only 2 bad days out of the week.  Time to regroup and start again.


4 responses to “Life

  1. I’m totally with you. I let the cold turn stop half my exercise efforts. Re-grouping all round.

  2. My plans got derailed by various things too – but I kicked myself last night and went and did RPM.

    Just get back on that wagon.

  3. I get off track too, with the best of intentions. I think it’s good that you can admit it and then do something about it. Rain sucks but I actually love running in the rain now because I don’t heat up as much, ha!

  4. Yep, totally agree with the weather causing havoc this week. My exercise plan certainly went out the window, as did my food eating 😳

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