Extreme Weather!

I fully planned to walk to work today.  I had my stuff packed last night and got up bright and early… to the sound of extreme weather.  Rain and big winds.  I decided to drive.  I’d also planned to go to the gym after work but am now thinking of doing something at home instead.  Indoors.  We are supposed to get storms and possible power blackouts, they said on the radio this morning.

I think Mother Nature is trying to tell me something.


When we went to Japan last year, we loved the “Leave it at the pub…” posters.


Well, every week we catch the tram into the city for Japanese class and I’m starting to think Melbourne should have “Leave it at the Mental Asylum” posters here because, without fail, we get at least one complete nutter.  A few weeks ago it was a dude trying to eat the ticket machine, actually gnawing on the side of it.  Then there is the standard yelling and screaming nutter.  This week though, we had the worst.  He looked normal, until he started talking.  First was the conspiracy theories, then the Jesus talk… then he started on about the bushfires being Jesus’ way of punishing people.  Normally we just smile and nod, but when he started on that bullshit, my sister told him he was totally offensive and not to talk to us again.  Luckily, he had enough sense to shut up.  Seriously, what’s with these people?


One response to “Extreme Weather!

  1. I hate that kind of bullsh*t being perpetuated, especially when religion gets brought into it. Whack jobs and very un-Christian like to judge so harshly.

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