We had no internet access for most of the weekend – arrrgghh! It was living in the olden days.  Not good at all.  I did manage to do heaps of cooking and met up with Ani from Ani Pesto for coffee and get other stuff done. 

I’m walking to work tomorrow.  Got everything organised to go, I think.  Yah.  Also went for a run tonight.  I didn’t run all weekend because I felt sick.  Then I felt guilty for not running.  You can’t win. 

I was reading in the paper yesterday about “suddenly slender” body wraps.  There is a part of me that wants to believe!


2 responses to “Ha!

  1. oh I know, I know….even though you KNOW there’s only one way to do it, the lure of the ‘quick fix’ is always there.
    I’ve heard of people giving up the internet for Lent!! I couldn’t do it – having enough trouble with no diet coke.

  2. Body wraps – bwahahaha!

    Yeah, I wish….if they worked, I’d sell ’em and make a fortune.

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