Things I Need To Know:

  • Makeup primer – is it worth it or is it just another product that marketers are trying to convince us we need?  Does anyone use it and have an opinion to share?
  • Why do chicks who wear g-strings to the gym always use the bottom lockers?  Hell, I can’t even work out why anyone would wear a freaken g-string to the gym (or anywhere for that matter), but seriously for some reason if I’m going to turn my head in the wrong direction in the change rooms, I find it so much less offensive to get an eyeful of bare arse than a bit of string splitting someone’s bits.
  • Where am I going to be working tomorrow?  This one is still up in the air.  I really want the job I interviewed for yesterday.  It’s a really interesting project and seems challenging and worthwhile …okay, it pays a lot more and is near J Cafe where they have the awesome sushi burgers.
  • Also, on gym change rooms, why is that I can go to the gym any time (and I mean even if I went to the gym in the middle of lunchtime on Christmas day) and, at the quietest times with only one other person using the change room, they have the locker either directly above or below me?  And then they come in to use the change room at the same time I do?  It happens every time so we are dodging each other while getting changed.  Arrggghhh.

Also, today is my baby son’s 22nd birthday.  I got him a big fat nothing on account of being broke.  Oh, I did give him a Gengis Khan beard and hugs (he doesn’t think hugs are a gift though).


6 responses to “Things I Need To Know:

  1. * Makeup primer is great when you’re doing a hardcore face but for everyday, I reckon it’s overkill. Just my own opinion/experience.

    * I wear g-strings all the time – ha! I don’t know how people can wear full knickers LOL. Although, I like wearing full knickers with a singlet to bed. Go figure. So why you looking? 😛

    * I thought you got the work gig?

    * Happy Birthday Andrew!

  2. Hey lovely!
    I use Estee Lauder ‘Spotlight’ primer and I LOVE it. I don’t use it every day, but I wear it under my normal make up when I go out at night and it makes a huge difference. My foundation goes on smoother, it feels nicer, my skin has a nice glow to it, and all the light-reflecting thingamys in it hide freckles/pimples/patchy bits.

    I used to use AutoPilot by Napoleon, but it felt really oily.

    So yes – I’m a lover 🙂 If it was cheaper I’d use it every day, but like the above comment, it might look a bit too ‘made up’ for every day.

  3. I rarely wear foundation so I think primer is a bit of a wank.
    Good luck on the job, if you get it, buy your son a nice pressie 🙂

  4. Totally hear what you’re saying on the gym lockers!

    I don’t use any makeup primer, since I have naturally oily skin.

    All the best for your job, and happy birthday to your son!

  5. That locker thing always puzzles me too. Maybe it’s a fun thing for the staff?
    I think I might have to try makeup primer…
    good luck with the job and happy birthday Andrew!

  6. How can wearing a g-string to exercise not be uncomfortable, or even painful?

    Oh, and I don’t wear makeup, except for a SPF30+ moisturiser occassionally.

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