I think I must be the world’s biggest dork.  I just did a trial run of packing for Japan.  I’m not leaving for 11 weeks but I need to be prepared.  I want to avoid a situation like last time – being stuck at the top of a flight of stairs with mecha luggage.



Part of the master plan to avoid excess packing is that we’ve booked our flights over with NO checked in bags. That means a 10 kg max. I just checked my wheelie bag against the in flight baggage regulations and it’s like a couple of cm over the limit! Damn it. I could try taking it but I’m too much of a pussy.

Anyway I packed my smaller bag and still had space. Plus it came in under 5 kgs. Then I added my laptop and that made it 7.5 kgs. Not sure about taking the laptop… we have high speed internet at our hotel room but will I need it? I think I’d rather not take it.

The plan is also to wear jeans, boots, dress and jacket on the plane. They are the bulkier items. My packing list is thus:

  • 2 tee shirts (I totally overpack tee shirts normally.  I don’t need 8 black tee shirts!!!!)
  • 2 dresses (I might pack 3, they don’t take up much space and are mighty versatile, either with jeans if it’s cold or with tights – also don’t take much room).
  • denim skirt
  • cardigan
  • jumper
  • trackies
  • 1 other pair of shoes (I want to take the runners… we have a gym at our hotel but they are bulky)
  • pjs
  • underwear
  • makeup

Am I missing anything vital?  I don’t think I am.

I really think my whole overpacking issue comes from living in Melbourne.  I am like – oh it’s spring, what’s the weather going to be like?  And I think of Melbourne spring so it’s going to be ranging from 2 degrees to 35 degrees within an hour!!!  Consistent weather must be such a nice thing.

Anyway I weighed all my stuff on my home scales and I don’t think they are too accurate on account of I’ve only lost 200 grams in the last 2 weeks.

This arvo I’ve got a job interview.  Even though I’ve got a contract, this job came up that is heaps more money.  Heaps.  Plus it goes through to the 16th May (and I leave on the 17th – timing).  I’ll have heaps saved for my holiday and heaps for when I get home.  

I’m going to the gym after the interview.  I have been avoiding the gym because I hate going into the city just for a workout.


4 responses to “Dorkfest

  1. That’s so funny about your practice packing! It is hard to get your head around the notion of consistent weather (although you might want to buy a cheap umbrella when you get there).
    Good luck with the interview!

  2. Oh, um, I leave on Friday and so far I have a pile of things I want to take, and a backpack on the floor. Must get more organised!

  3. practice packing – that’s gold 😉

    my brother travelled the world for 6 months with carry-on luggage only. I’m hardly one of life’s fashionistas but I still can’t do it even for just a week away.

  4. ahh you’re a legend… practice packing, hehe 🙂 good luck with the interview! here’s to extra dosh…

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