I went out for a 12 km run last night.  It was a good run around the Yarra and I really enjoyed it but I’m a bit sore today.  I’d planned to go to kettlebell class today but now I’m not sure. 

I decided against applying for a second job.  It’d been an extra $200 a week after tax, tops and I think I’m better off working on reducing my spending rather than earning more money and no doubt spending more.  I want to start getting really organised with food – going to the market and planning + cooking meals.

I’ve got our accommodaton in Japan down to 2 places – one is very cheap but not in a great location.  The other one is $300 more but in a much better location (near Shinjuku station) so we’d save money on transport and also it includes breakfast (a Japanese breakfast with onigiri and miso soup by the look of it). 

Because of the weird way our landlords operate (they run this place more like a boarding house than a rental), they have decided to employ cleaners to clean the communal areas of the house.  They have also not only mowed the lawn but also cleaned up all around the outside.  I think they might be planning to sell!  Not that I care, I’ll be moving out real soon.  Hopefully within the next 2 weeks. 

I’ve started using Calorie King again to track my calories.  OMG  I had no idea how many calories are in rice!!!  A cup of rice has over 400 calories!  That’s extreme.

2 responses to “Monday

  1. and there’s quality of life stuff too – working all the time would eat up your exercise, nutrition planning and fun time! I hope the new accommodation works out – your current place sounds like good fodder for your novel!

  2. They’re cleaning the house? This dump where you have had to hide all your stuff in your room because of the disgraceful conditions and the same place where they don’t even bother turning up to take rent then expect it all when they arrive on their own time?

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