Nelly No Friends

I’m starting to realise I’m social retard (well I actually realised that a long time ago but…).  My sister is working Friday and Saturday nights now and I have nothing to do.  I’m sure there are things I can do –  I could watch a movie or do something like that, but can’t really be bothered.  I was going to ring Andy and go over and watch the footy with him, if he was home – but again can’t be bothered.  Instead I’m just bored.  At least I’m not eating.

Last night I walked into the gym.  I love going into the boxing studio and playing around on my own.  I work much harder doing that than during boxing class – esp when you consider we spend the first 15 mins of class doing warm ups (usually on the spin bikes – if I wanted do that, I’d go to spin class) and 15 mins doing cool down then a decent part of that remaining 30 mins with the instructor explaining stuff, depending on how many newcomers are in the class.  Last night I spent 40 solid minutes of work – 4 mins hitting stuff, 1 min skipping, repeat…  Hard, hard work.

Afterwards I went to Borders to check that new book by that chick, Michelle something or other from the Biggest Loser.  I don’t buy weight loss books because they are one third photos showing you how to do stuff like squats and one third recipes I’ll never make because they have ingredients I don’t eat.  She did have some good stuff in it though.  Like if you say losing weight is your top priority then go eat a slice of cake… because it looks good, or you feel sad or whatever … then weight loss is obviously NOT your top priority (I’m pretty liberally paraphrasing here). 

That is so true for me.  I *say* I want to lose weight but I’m so easily sidetracked.   Yesterday I had french toast for lunch FOLLOWED by a fruit tart!!!!  After I ate that, I remembered I wanted to lose weight.  Oops.

Anyway, I got home and had a salad with tuna for dinner so at least that was low calorie.

My mission for this week is to not get sidetracked from my purpose.  Losing weight.  With the amount of exercise I do, I should be losing weight easily if I ate right.  No more cake.  No more french toast.  Not until I fit into my pants!

5 responses to “Nelly No Friends

  1. I definitely recognize that “oops” moment. I’ve been there, many more times than I can count. The Beck (Diet Solution) book has been helping me so much in this regard. Lots and lots of reminders about… ‘WHAT were my priorities, again?” (and again and again)

    Wow, Michelle has a book out already? That was fast! She was my favorite from that season, which seems like it was just a few months ago! I will definitely go check it out – but probably standing up in the bookstore, not buying. 🙂

  2. LOL @ your “oops”. Funny how our brains work…

    It’s not absolutely either or thing – you CAN have French toast and cake and still lose weight. (Have your cake and eat it?) Just change your French toast to a healthier version and make it yourself. And if cake is what you love, then have the real thing, but limit it to a small serving a couple of times a week.

    Yesterday I had a Baskin Robbins choc mousse royale ice cream – but a single scoop, not an oversized double, and that’ll be my treat meal for the next few days. No guilt, and weight is still going down….

    Life without cake and ice cream sucks.

  3. I so know that ‘ooops’ moment. I’m continually amazed by my brain’s capacity to forget my good intentions.

    Thank you for your message on my blog, a coffee would be great. Do you get to see my email address from this comment?

  4. I think we’re all social retards, ha! Can I get you to do my homework on Friday and Saturdays? I wish. It’s hard to just relax sometimes isn’t it. I almost feel like I’m wasting the time. Do you have a bath tub? Maybe you can get into a pamper routine every Friday night? I used to do that and would wax, shave, dye, put a mask on…you know all those girly things and then feel fabulous for the weekend. I miss those nights.

    Boxing is unreal! I finally understand how much of a great workout it is. I hear you about the group thing too. I want to get something at home so I can just go hell for leather by myself. At the moment, I only have the gloves/mits and need a sparring partner. I reckon you’d be a killer boxer and would love to spar one day with you. You would cane my arse LOL.

    I just saw that Michelle book also (1/2 price at Borders). It’s not bad actually and I really like her advice. A lot of it is the same advice my own PT gives me like the exercising smarter thing which I’ve latched onto now. It makes sense. At the end of the day, if we *really* want to do something, we will right? I had 5 tsp of vanilla cream this morning and then did the same – f*cking oops alright!

    We both want to fit in our pants again. We’ve done it before so we can sure as hell do it again. Are you keeping a food diary or anything? I’ve gone back to doing what I did in the beginning of my weight loss journey and finding that it’s helping with the discipline.

    Miss Milo also quoted Phil yesterday with – “eating well and exercising creates a positive cycle. If you eat well and exercise, you feel good, and if you feel good, you’re more inclined to eat well and exercise”. I think this is a good thing to remember.

    Miss Milo’s Blog

  5. Relate to the Nelly No Friends comment too! I have more friends on blogs and Facebook than in real life. Maybe the answer is us blog-mates need to socialise more!

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