I’ve got a job.  I think I should start practicing being patient instead of sooking like a lil bitch.  I start on Thursday.  It’s for one month but I think will end going a lot longer.  Yah. 

I need some new shoes and I’m thinking of buying a pair of school shoes, cute ones.  After all, they are made to be comfortable and long lasting.  I just need to find some in a size 10 and with a heel!

Oh and I’m thinking of applying for another job – it’s for a month doing call centre work at night.  The training is on Wednesday so I can do both jobs but I’m just wondering how much you get taxed on working two jobs… is it worth it?  Plus 2 jobs doesn’t leave much time for exercise, but it does mean more $$$ for Japan.

8 responses to “Yah

  1. Ha, that’ll teach ya! Well done and what a relief.

    Two jobs will be tough (I kinda look it like my work/class load) because it is a bitch to fit exercise in but you’ll find a way of exercising “smarter”. For me, instead of walking now I jog to burn more calories in less time, but the food is a problem. More hours working, more hours on arse, more hours to think about food and nibble.

    Not sure about the $$$ situation. No harm in trying and seeing how it goes, right? Either way you’ll still have more money than not. Just your sanity might be at risk.

    YAY for jobs that give you money to do the things you really rather be doing!

  2. Can you tell how tired I am? My sentences are a little whack up there.

  3. payless shoes have cute t-bar school shoes in size 10 on sale at the mo – I always wanted some like that when I was at school, I almost bought some!

  4. Yay for you getting a job.

    So do you intend on sleeping at all? It will definitely be hard to fit in exercise if you work 2 jobs, but I know you’ll find some way around that, you always do 😀

  5. Yay! Congratulations 🙂

  6. School shoes in size 10 with a heel? Try a fetish shop 😛

  7. Yay for getting a job, and yay for needing to buy new shoes!!

  8. Congratulations, so many people losing jobs and you’re getting them – well done!

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