I had an interview today and they said they’d make a decision this arvo.  Only I haven’t heard back so I’m thinking they hated me and totally never want to see me again and it’s prolly cos I ate so much cake yesterday!

I think I need a nap.

4 responses to “Blahs

  1. aww, keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

  2. Hmmm. Don’t think I’ll buy a crumpler now.

  3. Maybe they’re just busy and lost track. I forget to call people back too, especially when a decision hasn’t been made yet. Actually, you should see my list at work *yikes*. Hang in there chooka and don’t beat yourself up! Yes, go have a nap. Maybe even a triple nap.

  4. The cake would increase your awesomeness by a factor of 10.

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