• I went to Ikea today and remember what I wanted to buy.  It was a bag.  A red bag.  I have red bags aplenty and debated whether I need it but I’ve been using the Crumpler bag I bought last year as an everyday bag and I hate it.  It bugs me so much.  Even though it’s big and bulky, it isn’t spacious inside – I can’t fit my laptop in it or stuff that is A4 size without folding; it’s badly designed and has this big pocket that everything gets lost under.  Plus it has this extra strong velcro on the outside but I never shut the flap so the velcro gets caught on everything and has put big pulls in one of my fave dresses.  I hate that bag but I’ve not wanted to admit cost it was way expensive.  My new bag cost $9 and it fits my laptop.
  • I put a dress on layby.  It’s vintage.  It’s orange – I’ve never worn orange before.  It’s very Marsha Brady.
  • I’ve got an interview tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  Plus I got a call about another job.  Just when I was getting all anxious over not working.
  • I also went to the doctor so I can have all my diabetes testing organised.  Yah!  Well not yah… but good for me in getting organised.
  • I’ve also got all my Jetstar stuff organised.  It was like pulling teeth.  No matter how many times I tell some people, they don’t get that my name is spelt ‘…ryn’ not ‘…erine’.  My sister was cracking up at me – I was talking in my idiot simple voice, then repeating myself over and over, more slowly each time doing the ‘r for rabbit, y for yellow…’ thing.  Arrrgghhh! 
  • Today I had too much cake.  I keep getting given free cake then I couldn’t resist the bright green cake at Ikea.  It was awesome.  Cake isn’t good.

4 responses to “Wednesday

  1. An orange dress would really suit you!

  2. Cake isn’t good- it is GREAT! Ebay the crumpler for sure- I hate ruining my stockings on bag velcro.

  3. I hear you about your Crumpler bag! I am looking for an alternative now too. They’re strong but give me the sh*ts and yep, can never find things in the pockets.

    Ooh la la, Marsha Brady. Of course we want photos. Sounds like fun.

    Put the cake down, just put it down already 😉

  4. Okay, what’s a Crumpler bag?

    And where is this free cake being handed out? Gotta get me some of that 😀

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