• I think I’ve found somewhere to s tay when we go to Tokyo – it works out to about $500 each for 11 nights so super cheap.  On the down side, it’s about 1.5 km from the nearest train station but that’s okay.  It has a small fridge and microwave in the room and has a bed plus futon (that’s got to be better than bunks and means with the futon put away, we have floor space!) and our own bathroom.  Actually I don’t mind sharing a bathroom but bunks are just awful.
  • I did heaps of exercise today – walked into the gym then did 30 mins of cardio followed by 20 mins in the boxing studio.  I love having the boxing studio to myself so I can jump around and hit things without anyone see me look like a dork.
  • But… I cancelled my gym membership today.  I’ve got 4 more weeks.  I just can’t afford it and it’s pain to get to when I’m not working in the city.  There are a couple of gyms near home with cheap casual rates so that will do me.
  • Not much happening on the job front, but I’ve applied for heaps of positions so hopefully something will come up.
  • Apparently the Japanese economy is going downhill big time.  I’m not sure what is going to happen with my teaching job…
  • I am totally convinced that half the IT jobs on Seek are made up.  They ask for skills I’ve never heard of like that you have 2 years experience in ASDAGDGSDFG.  Also, if a job ad asks for you to have excellent attention to detail and there is a typo in the ad, should you point that out in your application?  I’m never sure if they are doing it on purpose.
  • Did you know you can cook rice porridge in your rice cooker?  Also quinoa and polenta.  And prolly oats as well.  How easy is that?  You chuck it in, set the cooker then shower and get ready for work.  Voila, breakfast is cooked and you just chuck in some fruit and a dollop of yoghurt.  I’m going to be all over that.
  • I am going to Ikea tomorrow because they had something advertised in the weekend paper that I really need.  I can’t remember what, just that I wanted to go to Ikea.  I’m hoping I’ll get there and remember but no doubt I’ll just end up buying tea lights and a ready to assemble bookcase. 
  • I am also going to the doctor tomorrow.  I was supposed to go about 6 months ago for my 6 monthly diabetes checkup… oops.  I hate the pathologist.  I don’t mind giving blood, I just hate having to NOT eat until after they take the blood.
  • Just got an email back about the Japan accommodation.  It’s going to be around $470 each.  That’s so cheap.  I keep wondering what’s wrong with the place but I’m totally expecting small rooms and paper thin walls.  Maybe there’s a whore house in the same building or something?  Still it’s damn cheap.

4 responses to “Notes

  1. I SO know what you mean re: seek and the IT ads, and about the “excellent attention to detail.” I just can’t apply for a position that has grammatical and spelling errors, unless they actually need to hire someone to write their advertisement for them.

    Great work on the work out!! I was thinking of getting into the boxing myself.

  2. Didn’t think of doing porridge in the rice cooker! Whe-hey!!

    So cool about the Japan accomodation. My hostel in San Fran was so cheap too, I was wondering if it would be dodgy – but no, it was the best place ever!!!

    So exciting that you’re going to Japan again!!

  3. I can’t wait to hear how Japan is the second time around, gosh, so jealous :). I hope you still have the job over there too, would be craptacular if it wasn’t going ahead.
    Is the accommodation near Shibs?

  4. I spent some time going through the IT ads on Seek and CareerOne whilst considering my options recently too. There was so few I was qualified for, it was really depressing.

    If it was me, I’d point the error out!!

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