Stupid but happy!

Kathy’s comment on my last post about taking up busking got me thinking.  Now, the only way I could make money busking is by people to paying me to shut up.  I am so NOT musical.  But I have a lot of drawings I’ve done over the past year just sitting in sketch books.  I am a bit fan of the Etsy site but hadn’t thought about becoming a seller until yesterday. 

I’ve scanned some of my drawings and will put them up on the site next week after I check out how much to charge for postage.  Meanwhile I’ve posted them up on facebook (friends only).

Meanwhile, I’ve already *made* money out of this venture already, in a roundabout, topsy-turvy way:  when I opened up my scanner to scan my drawings, I found OMG!!!! MY PASSPORT! 

I’d totally forgotten I’d had to scan it because I needed a police clearance for my job in Canberra (actually I remembered scanning it but thought I’d done it for another job ages ago… ).  Stupid but happy – that describes me perfectly tonight.

That’s like over $300 in lost fees and new passport fees I won’t have to pay.  Happy Valentine’s Day to me – I’ll take my passport over flowers from dude anyday.  Flowers die but a passport lasts for … like 10 years, and can take me amazing places 🙂


4 responses to “Stupid but happy!

  1. That sounds like something I would do, glad you found it!

  2. Kathryn they are wonderful pictures. Won’t take long to sell them.

    And YAY for finding the missing passport.

  3. I have become quite the fan of Etsy, have been googling hippie clothing and found a bundle of treasures at this little site!!

    I always check my scanner for missing documents, the amount of times I’ve “lost” stuff and then found it on the scanner!!

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