After booking my holiday yesterday, I’ve now had time to start the panic.  We are going in 12 weeks from tomorrow for 11 days and I DON’T  HAVE A JOB.  Yikes.  Scary, scary thought.  I also don’t have a passport.  Well I had one but I have no idea where it is.  I think it’s fallen out of my handbag somewhere. 

I also don’t have a clue where my birth certificate is – or where it could be.  I had a huge search for it a while back but couldn’t find it.  I’m not even sure if I’ve had it since I moved here or if it’s in my storage space.  I need it to get a replacement passport.  You also have to pay $$$ as a lost passport fee as well as paying for a new passport.  That sucks.

I will have a huge clean out this weekend and search for my birth certificate. 

I am also in a panic because I have to have money saved for when I move o/seas later this year.  I should be saving money, not spending it.  Oops.

On the plus side, because we’ve been to Tokyo before, we have more idea of what we’re doing which should make it easier to do things cheaply.   Maybe this is a stupid thing to do but I’m going to be positive and frugal.  That is a good combination.

5 responses to “Panic

  1. Best thing to do, set the goal and then you have nothing other than getting there to deal with!!

    I tried to do this for us last June, we still had our original tickets for Aus sitting there and Blair lost his job and I booked him another ticket and we had 7 weeks to go!! Would have done it too but he was a chicken shit!! Oh well, I’ll get there one day.

  2. Good for you for “just doing it”!

  3. Kathryn, the job will come! The money will be there. You will love Japan, even on a shoestring! (Do you busk? – joking)

  4. After all, what IS life without a stretch goal that makes you feel faintly nauseous? It will all work out

  5. Don’t panic friend! get delivred authentic birth certificate replacement online at :
    they can provide you state certified docs

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