Tonight was the Zoo Run… one of my favourite ever fun runs cos you get to run around the zoo.  What better spectators/cheer squad than the giraffes and monkeys?

Not such a good time for me.  My PB for 8 kms is just under 50 minutes.  Tonight I ran it in around 56 minutes.  I ran about 1.5 kms then some girl stopped dead in front of me and I swerved to miss her and ended up coming a cropper on the gravel.  No damage done though and lots of nice people stopping to see if I was okay. 

That kind of stopped my running momentum for awhile then I got back into it. 

Just before the 4 km mark, my energy levels were almost non-existent but some little red headed kid decided to race me up the outside of the zoo (he was watching not running).  I’m not being beaten by a 4 year old red head! 

Got around the zoo a second time, pushing myself to keep going cos I’m so unfit atm.  Out the zoo gates and realised I had no idea where the finish line was!  One of the marshalls pointed me in the right direction then the girl beside me decided it was a race to the finish line.  I got confused and she beat me but it was fun.

After that I had to head to the gym for a shower.  Our hot water stopped working.  Got home and the landlord had been over to fix it!  OMG.  Yes, my dodgy landlord fixed something… and he was totally not a dick for once!


2 responses to “Zoo!

  1. Oh, that’s such a fun race! Way to drag off a four yo LOL
    glad the dodgy landlord did the right thing!

  2. Well done, that is a great time, better than I have done 🙂

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