I am so sick of people being rude!  Last night I went to Brunswick St to get something to eat and was walking down the street.  A girl and guy stood outside a bar blocking the footpath between a bar and the tables on the street.  I said excuse me but they didn’t move.  So I said it a bit louder.  They still didn’t move.  Then I said ‘excuse me, you’re blocking the footpath.’  The guy turned around and gave me a mouthful of abuse! 

I turned back, about to blast hiim but decided it wasn’t worth it.  What a knob through.  Seriously.

Then today we were getting off the tram and a guy stood at the ticketmachine blocking the aisle.  We said ‘excuse me’ and again got blasted by him.  WTF?  What is going on with people? 

And I am in a bad mood now because it’s stinking hot in my room but every time I go into the rest of the house, my housemate talks to me.  I wish he’d go out for the night.


2 responses to “Rudeness

  1. You’re right, so many people are so rude. I was walking down a ramp to a car park the other day and there was a lady who was going down and having trouble with a fully loaded shopping trolley. I offered help and just put my hand on the front of the trolley, guiding it as we walked down the ramp. She was all gushy-gushy-gush-gush saying how wonderful I was, how nobody does this sort of thing any more. Unfortunately she’s right, most people don’t give a stuff, or worse as you found, are rude as well!

  2. Yes, some people are bastards!

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