I did end up doing something amazing yesterday. We went into the city and found a place that does sushi burgers!!!!  Not burgers with sushi in them but two “patties” made out of sushi rice with yummy stuff in the middle and a nori sheet wrapped half around it.  We had a croquette one each then I had a hamburg one as well (they are small).  For dessert we had parfaits that were huge and delicious.  I did take my camera but forgot to put the memory card back in it… so no pics.

This morning I took Andrew to the hospital and remembered the camera and memory card.  I took lots of photos of the lump being drained (they are on facebook but I won’t post them here… lots o’pus and gunk).  The doctor was very amused.  The Austin Hospital rocks.  We went in around 9.00, had to go to emergency and were prepared for a long, long wait.   We got in straightaway though and were out of there by 10.00.  I’ve been to emergency at the Alfred before and that’s hell.  It was at night though but seriously, they were threatening to “shackle” one girl who was swinging off the curtains! 

I need to go out for a run.  I’ve been so lazy this week.  Lazy and overeating.  I feel fat and blobby.  Not good.  I think I need to go back to tracking my food.

3 responses to “Amazing

  1. Yummy.
    BTW thos photos were GROSS 😛

  2. the sushi burgers sound yum – what was the name of the place you found them?

    bugger – I wanted to see the gross photos – at least put one up here for those of us who are linked to you on FB!

  3. I read a Japanese cookbook last night and it had a recipe for a sushi grilled cheese sandwich….sounded a bit weird!

    I also had pizza sushi in Canada.

    Hmm..the Austin…you didn’t run into my ex boyfriend in the emergency room did you?! I think he still works there. 😛

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