• I might be moving soon!  Yah!  I don’t want to say too much until it’s all a certainty but it’s going to be a huge improvement.  Arrggghhhh… I hate moving.  I like being moved but the actually lugging of stuff, it sucks.
  • I have to take my son to the hospital tomorrow.  He has a lump on his neck.  He’s had it for ages.  I kept telling him to get it removed but does he listen to me?  I mean, I’m just his mother.  The lump has grown up to 3 times the size!!!!!  In the last couple of days.  He’s going to get it removed.  I want to take the camera cos I figure there will be much gross stuff coming out of it.
  • I am thinking of cancelling my gym membership.  I’d suspended it until the end of last month because I was away and now I’m thinking it’s an expense I can cut back on.  I mean $40 a fortnight is a lot when you’re not working.  Plus my gym is in the city and I never go there unless I’m working in the city.  If I need to rejoin at a later date, I’ll just pay the joining fee again.   In the meantime I have the $4 gym up the road and weights at home. 
  • Today I was reading an article in the Herald Sun and was like – I totally agree with this dude… then realised I was talking about Jeff Kennett!!!  When did I become this person?  The article was about how all these government handouts are making people soft.  I think it’s true though.  It might be good for the economy (although that’s debatable) but I don’t think it’s good for the Australian character.  If I ran the country, I’d get rid of all the lump sum payouts, baby bonuses and other crap and just cut tax.  It really, really shits me that I pay such a huge rate of tax (one of the highest in world, like 1/3 of my salary) and then see people getting money for having babies and that crap.  Having said that, if the government is going to give me a big whack of free money I’ll take it 🙂
  • Also on the economy, if the building industry is in such a huge decline, why are there building works going on all over my bloody street?  Really freaken noisy building works!
  • I feel the need to do something amazing today, I’m just not sure what it is yet!

3 responses to “Thursday

  1. Bloody taxes! I think Stew is taxed at about 40% of his earnings! That sucks when as you say the government just gives money away to people for having a baby, not working, etc. SUCKS.
    Hope you found something amazing to do.. I did! I read all the blogs on google reader and commented on them too! lol

  2. Yeah, moving is a lot of work, but it sounds like it will be definitely worth it to get away from “you know who”.

    I’m struggling to see why I should be paying for other peoples house insulation too!

  3. What amazing thing did you do?

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