Food is awesome

I got over my grumpy mood yesterday and went into the kitchen and cooked up a storm!

I started with the beetroot salad I wanted to make after trying it at the Middle Eastern place the other day.  I roasted the beetroot – it took forever so I started experimenting with couscous.

The couscous salad ended up being 1 cup of couscous made with chicken stock.  Then I added cumin, a couple of crushed cardamon pods (just the seeds) and a cinnamon stick.  Then I added chopped capsicum, chopped green onion and a can of chickpeas.

The bean salad isn’t even a recipe.  It’s just a can of mixed beans drained with balsamic vinegar.

After all that, the beetroot was ready.  I was worried about peeling it since I didn’t remember to buy gloves but I held it in the foil (I cooked it by wrapping in foil and baking in the oven for about an hour).  Chopped it up and added the pomegranate molasses.  I was worried I’d need to add other stuff like some exotic spices that would be insanely difficult to identify and buy but just the beetroot and pomegranate is a total taste sensation!  To push it right over the edge, I added some haloumi over the top and toasted some Turkish bread.

All up, awesomely awesome and heaps of leftovers for today.


8 responses to “Food is awesome


  2. Your beetroot salad sounds awesome. I love Halumi cheese, either just fried in the frying pan or wrapped in bacon and done under the griller!!

  3. next time you want to try something very refreshing, yummy and filling with beets, do this:

    boil them in water.
    then cut them up, and put them in a container with salt, a bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic. Let this marinate overnight.

    The next day, discard the garlic, and add chopped walnuts and greek yogurt.

    The colour is soooo amazing. Feast on the magnificent shades of purple to pink when you make it, cos as soon as you have the first forkful, there wont be much left to look at 😉

  4. How different do home cooked beetroots taste compared to the sugar filled tinned stuff!

    Sounds yum!

  5. I second the yum notion.

  6. Oh my. Beetroot and haloumi sounds delicious. I love fresh beetroot, it’s a bit fiddly but so much better than out of a can!

  7. Oh yummo! Roasted beet is a fave of mine and it usually takes me around 2hrs wrapped in foil in my oven. A pain but at least you don’t have to continually watch over it. Now I feel like beet salad tonight but going to a dinner party. Is it rude to make a request? 😉

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