Randomly Random

  • I have been in a cranky, pathetic mood all day.  I’ve been bored and restless but not actually doing anything.  I think I get in these moods when I don’t sleep properly.  I have these dreams/nightmares – not inherently scary but I wake up terrified.
  • I did NOT want to run this morning.  I really, really didn’t.  But I made myself.  It was a pathetic attempt at running but I did it.
  • I also finally sorted out my odd sock box after putting it off for weeks.
  • My laptop shits me.  The cursor jumps around and I need up typing all over the place.  I’ve tried to disable the touchpad but even if I don’t touch it, the cursor goes insane.  It also randomly acts like I’ve clicked the mouse button at times.  I think it could be my mouse actually! 
  • I used my rice cooker today.  I took it into the kitchen but I don’t like leaving it there because a ) my housemates might use it and b) everything in our kitchen is covered in gross because my housemates deep fry everything.  I hate my housemates… did I mention that?  By the way, I might be moving soon if everything goes to plan!  Yah!
  • I don’t get Aldi!  Everyone I know raves on about how great they are but every time I go there, it’s full of screaming kids and mothers shouting “Chantelina, shut the f*ck up” – like that ever works.  This is at every Aldi store I’ve ever been to.  Plus the check out chicks always give me attitude cos there is like some secret Aldi checkout handshake or something I don’t understand.
  • Oh and I hate the supermarket.   A while back, I boycotted the big supermarket chains for ages, about 6 months.  I might do that again.  I hate, hate, hate the way they understaff so that you have to wait in a huge queue at the checkout while your frozen foods defrost (sometimes I take my frozen food back and swap it if I have to wait too long) just to make extra $ for their shareholders.  Screw you.  Bourgois pigs, you’ll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.  It might be a bit more expensive for somethings elsewhere (toiletries etc) but overall I think it works out cheaper since most of the savings at the supermarket are on crappy junk/convenience food.
  • I don’t know why my housemate has to sit outside in just a pair of shorts.  He is gross.  Nobody wants to see that.  Actually I don’t know why he has to do it inside either.  He has a deformed stomach!  I think it’s a hernia or something… I dunno but it’s gross and he’s fat and hairy and sweaty. 

That’s all my whinging and moaning for today… actually considering how lazy I’ve been, I got a lot done.


5 responses to “Randomly Random

  1. Hell hath no fury like a Kathryn Scorned.

  2. Kathryn, you should have a column or something -you manage to be insightful, scathing, absolutely spot on and so funny at the same time 🙂

  3. My mum and dad swear by Aldi, but I’m like you, I can’t see the attraction. It always seems like a disorganised mess of “stuff” to me.

  4. I don’t know how you manage to stick it out in that house. The housemate sounds disgusting. You need to change the word housemate ’cause that sounds all matey like you like him. Something like househorror or housesharing neanderthal sounds more like it.

  5. Housemate sounds like you’re on Big Brother!!

    Why can’t you get a little place by yourself?? Is it too expensive?? Not understanding the dynamics of where you live.

    I hate superfuckenmarkets.

    I would much rather support the privately owned little vege markets, butchers, bakeries etc. But unfortunately they are never open out of hours and I can never get to them before closing. Unless I walk. Which wouldn’t be too bad.

    There is a great place in Christchurch on Saturday mornings and they have an organic market where farmers/growers etc go. I should sort my bloody shite out and go there.

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