Rice Cooker

After reading Phil’s blog today I remembered I wanted a rice cooker so I headed up to K-Mart and bought one.  It has a steamer rack in it too.  I never steam food because I don’t have a good saucepan steamer so it’s too much bother but now I can buy bbq pork buns from the Asian groceries!

I haven’t used it yet but my fave rice cooker thing (from staying at Briony’s and using hers) is this.  After a run (or the gym or whatever situation where you are mega-hungry and mega-not wanting to fuss), throw some rice and frozen vegies in the rice cooker and set.  Jump in the shower.  Once you are clean and changed, mix some mirin, furikake* and tuna through the rice and serve.  No fuss, no muss.

* Furikake is rice seasoning.  You get it at Asian Grocers.  Apparently it’s really lower class to use it to flavour your rice but who cares… it’s damn awesome.   There are many different varieties.  I just select them at random.

Also, here is the cold soba noodle recipe.  I used a bought sauce cos buggered if I’m making my own.

I also forgot to post one of my new summer faves the other day.  It is thus:  take a bunch of grapes, shove them in the freezer until frozen.  Eat.  They are so good, like sorbet but all natural!

Other than that, I’ve done no exercise and eaten far too much today.  Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


4 responses to “Rice Cooker

  1. Glad I inspired you to get one – I am over the moon with mine, and can’t get over how easy they are to use and clean, should have got one ages ago. I’m also convinced I’m saving money as I used to throw away so much burned rice when I cooked it on the stove!

    It’s definitely curry weather here at the moment. 10 inches of snow today, I worked from home 🙂 Not wanting to rub it in or nuthin. Hope job hunt, Japan plans, etc are going well xx

  2. Gotta try the frozen grapes idea!

  3. You put TUNA in my rice cooker? bah – a pox on you!!

  4. Hey, I wanted to let you know of a free ebook you can download on cooking one-pot meals in a rice cooker. It has free recipes to try out. Go to http://www.RiceCookerMeals.com.

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