New and Exciting Plans!

I went for a run tonight.  I went for one yesterday too.  That’s some kind of record for me at the moment.  For the last who knows how many months I’ve been really inconsistent with running.  I’ll have a good week or two then nothing. 

Because of that, I’ve been mostly running intervals.  Last week I did a longer run that was 10 minutes run/2 minutes walk X 5.  Tonight I intended to do a similar thing but maybe 11 or 12 minutes of running.  I started off that way but, halfway through, thought maybe I’ll try extending this to 15 minutes.  Got to 15 and decided to try for 20… at 25 minutes I asked myself if I could do 30.  The answer was HELL, YEAH! 

It’s not much – 30 minutes of non-stop running but it’s the longest I’ve done in forever.   That left me with not much lake to run around for last interval, less than 1 km.  It would have been far more sensible, judging by my legs to have broken it up into 2 x 15 minutes but my insides feel so much more confidence knowing I can last the distance!

The running consistency is going to get better – I’ve registered for the Run for the Kids.  That gives me 9 weeks to get ready.  The first year I did this run, I was a newbie.  I didn’t even think I could last the distance but ran it all except drink stations.  The past 2 years, because of injury/illness, I’ve not ran as well as I’d have liked.  This year I want to finish the run feeling happy with myself.

That means doing a good honest 4 or so running sessions a week and also getting my weight down.  I have no idea what I weigh – it’s been crazy with the heat this week – but I want to be under 80 kgs by the run.

On top of that, I want to also get more consistent with doing weights.  I’ve got a simple program and I’m planning to follow it.  I always think that I get no results with weights but seriously, it’s because I do my workouts so infrequently.  This program is all stuff I can do at home and fairly basic so I can and will do it.

If that isn’t enough, I’m committing to do a minimum of 10 minutes yoga and stretching a day (outside of post-exercise stretching).  I’d like to do more but figure I can always fit in 10 minutes and it really does make a difference.


One response to “New and Exciting Plans!

  1. Oooh! A PLan! A very good plan too! Go Kathryn go! I reckon you’ll be so refreshed by your spell of not concentrating on running, and really have a great time at the R4TK

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