Good Eating

Lately I’ve been trying new and exciting foods.  These include:

  • The other night it was too hot to cook and the only place open was the Middle Eastern restuarant down the street.  I always say I want to try it but never make it there, so finally did.  Yum.  We had a few different things to try and was most impressed with the salad of beetroot in pomegranate dressing.  I am going to try making this one at home.  I got some pomegranate molasses (concentrated pomegranate juice) now I just need beetroots.  Also did some web research and found a few recipes that combine it with goat’s cheese.  Too good.
  • Another awesome meal for hot nights – cold soba noodles.  I had these a while back at a Japanese place in the city and loved them.  And too easy – just soba noodles cooked and rinse with cold water (got get in there and do it with your hands) and dipping sauce (I put it over the noodles cos I didn’t have a dipping dish) and toppings – spring onion and sesame seeds.

Food – it’s awesome.


3 responses to “Good Eating

  1. The beetroot salad sounds great, not sure about the soba noodles, are they the clear ones?

  2. Mmmm soba noodles! I haven’t had those since my flight to Japan!

  3. Where did you get the pomegranate molasses? I need to get that for a recipe I found the other day I was planning to try this week. It has blue cheese in it, but I was going to replace it with goat’s cheese – mmmmm…

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