Air conditioning: it’s for wimps!

It’s hot here in Melbourne.  Damn hot.  And it’s going to stay hot for the next few days.  But since we have no luxuries like air conditioning or even an electric fan, the only choice is to tough it out.  These are my heat-coping tips:

  • fill the bath up with water and paddle.  A kiddie pool is better but since our landlords haven’t mowed the lawn in forever, I’d rather not risk the snakes and other critters (mountain lions, wildebeasts etc) in the yard.
  • supersoaker fights
  • singstar – it makes you forget you’re hot
  • going to the local bar (with air conditioning).  The cinema is good to but you can only stick around as long as the movie, at the bar you can stay until closing.
  • lemon sorbet!

The worst thing to do is complain about the heat.  It just makes you hotter.

I had to put on my suit and go to a job interview today.  You can pretty much guarantee every Summer on the hottest day of the year, I will have a job interview.  Oh yeah wearing a suit in the heat is so much fun.  It was a weird interview and I don’t think I got the job but on the way home I bought an awesome dress reduced from $129 to $30.  Will post pic later.

Must go… I need to make myself a facewasher hat.


8 responses to “Air conditioning: it’s for wimps!

  1. I’d rather have the heat. Its freeeeeeezing here. Good luck cooling off!

  2. Possibly Mary has never endured 42c heat.
    Actually I don’t think I have ever endured 42c heat! On Sunday it was 32c but 100% humidity. That sucked.
    I’m all for going to the pub on a hot day.

  3. I guess I’m a wimp then, I appreciated my air conditioned office today!

  4. It’s funny how the discomfort of the heat when I lived in Melbourne is forgotten on the freezing London days!!

    Is heating for wimps as well?! 😛

  5. We had no a/cond at work yesterday, it was 37 outside and (what seemed like) hotter inside. It sucked, but I stuck it out, unlike some people who wussed out and went home – so i’m NOT a whimp!! Also the lifts broke down and the front door stopped working and locked us all in/out.
    (Fans cost $17 at coles – I bought two for home – cheaper than running the a/cond).

  6. Oh you are so right about complaining. It makes the person doing it hotter, and the person listening hotter b/c of restraining the urge to punch them.
    You forgot ‘go and visit friends who have a/c (you’re welcome here at any time!)
    Off to make a facewasher hat now.

  7. oh yeah. love the face washer hat :0)

  8. I love the facewasher hat! Such a great idea. Thanks for your suggestion about training in the fridge at Dan Murphy’s- also a good tip for keeping cool.

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