I started a Happy Australia Day post yesterday but didn’t get it written and now it’s Australia Day no longer.  Hope you had a good one.

Since it wasn’t just Australia Day but also Chinese New Year, I thought I’d do stuff to give me luck.  I read that you should clean the house but since I was going to the Big Day Out figured I didn’t have time.  I thought I’d at least tidy up my desk area so I get good work/creativity luck.  Did that then swept out all the cobwebs from the ceiling, hoping that is kinda symbolic – but if it isn’t, at least I won’t be thinking about how cobweby the ceiling is every time I do exercise on the floor!  Then I got stuck into my big bookcase and got everything organised – I’ve been meaning to do that for ages.  All up, I did a heap of cleaning + tidying without meaning to.

Then I got ready for the BDO. It’s also lucky to wear red on the Chinese New Year so I wore my red fishnets and red cat’s eye sunnies.  Go me. 

You’d think after this many BDOs, I’d have it all going on but no.  I showered then realised all I’d eaten all day was a little quiche thing.  Nothing quick to eat in the house so I got dressed and figured I’d buy something there.  I had $40 on me which I thought was ample, except I had to get stuff at the servo then I parked in the official carpark.  That left me with just over $10.  I ended up getting a bratwurst and it was yum.

The BDO was fun.  I went to Tex Perkins and his Ladyboyz… omg they were beyond awesome.  Then lazed around until Neil Young come on.  He was fantastic but I wasn’t really feeling it.  I stood just near the D barrier but everyone around me was so lacking in energy (I think they were either stoned or wishing they were).  It really lacked something.   I ended up moving back in the ground where there were some guys dancing around like crazy things and having a good time.  Very small crowd though.

Anyway, I also heard that what you do on Chinese New Year determines your year.  Does that mean I’m going to spend the year cleaning and hanging out with stoners?

Goals for today:  go for a run before it gets too hot, writing, sorting out the sock box (which I meant to do the other day), apply for temp work.

Oh yeah, and it’s Tuesday today… I thought it was Monday.  Oops.

2 responses to “Monday

  1. Surely your year will be more about getting rid of things that aren’t useful or pretty, finding a small group of people you enjoy hanging around with, appreciating how you can have fun by yourself and loving Tex and the Ladyboyz.

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