I got out for another run today but it was hard going.  I could really feel my quads all tight and sore from the last run.  Funny beause I never usually have any problems with my quads.

I had to rush around and get ready after that so didn’t get a chance to eat.  After Japanese class, I was so hungry.  Decided to go to the sushi train but I’d left my wallet at home!  Oh noes… my poor belly!

I’ve been doing more cleaning, sorting and throwing out (well the stuff isn’t out yet, but sitting in bags ready to go out!). 

Despite all my best efforts, I’ve been feeling a bit down lately.  Last night especially.  I wanted to punch someone or something.  Sometimes I wish I had a punching bag!   Then this morning my mum started talking about how my Japan plans might fall through…blah, blah, blah…

But, you know what, people get shitty circumstances thrown at them all the time by the world.  Stuff so horrible that we can’t even imagine it just by being born in the wrong place or wrong time.  What’s a shitty little financial crisis compared to that?

I was trying to remember how bad things were during the last recession and I couldn’t.  Not because I’m too young to remember it (I wish) but because I can’t remember it even impacting my life.  I’ve been through some bad times, I’ve had to struggle but it’s been personal circumstances that have effected me much more than external events.  In fact, during the last recession I think I was better off financially than I was in the boom times that preceded it. 

Things are even easier for me now – I no longer have a child to support, I don’t have a mortgage or any debt.  I know how to live cheaply and make the most of what I have.

Worst case scenario – I’ll take what work I can get and put my plans on hold for a few years until times get better.  Hopefully it won’t come to that.  I’m tough, I’m a survivor.  I’m skilled and resourceful.  And I’m not going to let some gloom and doom merchants erode my slice of the happiness pie.


3 responses to “Saturday

  1. I was looking for a brick wall to bang my head against the other day. Unfortunately, the building I work in has some sort of scary looking moulded concrete on its interior and exterior walls that would seriously scar! Actually, that was probably fortunate.

    For some reason there are people who like to focus on what could go wrong. Keep your chin up Kathryn. You’ll get to Japan.

  2. I know mothers like to worry and prepare you for the worst, but sometimes they need to know when to shut it!

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