• I have been lazy, lazy, lazy with my exercise lately.  My excuse is “it’s too hot”.  Every day I think I’ll go for a run when it cools down but then it’s too dark or too late or too something.  Today is NO EXCUSES day.  I’ll go for a run…. later.
  • My sister got accepted into uni.  Yah! 
  • Even if Breakfast at Tiffany’s is your favourite movie, I bet you $20 that if you were friends with Holly Golightly for a week, you’d punch her in the head.  Flaky people drive me nuts.
  • I love hiragana!  For those not familar with the Japanese writing system – there are three kinds of writing.  Katakana is used for foreign words.  I learnt some of that last year but even when you work out the word, it’s a Japanese version of a (usually) English word so you have to keep muttering it to yourself like a madwomen until it makes sense.  That’s how we managed to read “vodka shots” in squiggly in Japan!  Kanji is very complicated and makes my head ache to think about – I know like 2 kanji characters and there are around 1,000,000 (more or less).  Hiragana is used for Japanese words and that’s what I’m learning at the moment.  It’s awesome.  I can’t stop translating stuff.  Even though most things have a combination of the three and I can only make out random words.  I’ve (kinda) translated all the receipts I got in Japan and magazines and all manner of things. 
  • Why is it that the econony is rooted and everything is uncertain yet all my job possiblities at the moment are for permanent work?  Surely in these crazy times, employers should want casual staff? 
  • I’ve lost my passport!  I’ve been waiting for my (other) sister to get back from Thailand in case I left it at her place but she hasn’t found it.  Damn it.
  • Excitement on the list for today:  sort through my bags and other accessories.  I’m not a girlie girl with a handbag for every outfit but I seem to have amassed a huge collection of bags – mainly gym bags etc.  Plus I have a terrible habit of never throwing out shopping bags.  It’s getting out of hand!  Seriously, a backpack with a broken zipper will NEVER come in handy some day.
  • Looking for work atm has made me realise how narrow my skill range has become.  That was fine and dandy when there was heaps of work around, now it’s really limiting me.  If I head off o/seas for a few years, I think I’m really, really going to need to do some post-grad study when (if) I get back before I even think of working in IT again.

Oh and my big revelation about my life this week:  I need to USE stuff.  If I’m moving overseas, there is no point having 20 different flavours of fancy tea in the kitchen that I’m keeping “for good”.  There is no point having notebooks too good to write in. Everything around me has a limited shelf life now so I’m getting into the “use it or lose it” mindset for all my material goods.

On a similar note, I have a couch and ottoman in my storage unit.  I only used them for about a year.  They are blue/grey and a squarish style from Freedom.  I will prolly put them on ebay at some point but if anyone is interested, let me know.

Oh I have a photo…


It’s a bad photo – the couch doesn’t have stripes and it’s stored on it’s side.  Anyway it’s super comfy but I don’t see myself using it in the near future so it’s got to go.


3 responses to “Random

  1. I started to amass a big collection of bags and they all ended up in the laundry cupboard.

    Hubby went through them one day and threw a heap of them out and I didn’t even realise. That’s how much I needed them!!

  2. Just had a great thought.

    Maybe we could organise a day when people bring stuff that is too good to throw out but they don’t want any more.

    Bags, jewellery, clothes, shoes etc. Sort of like a car boot sale but everyone can just do swapsies!

  3. I like the “use it or lose it” idea a lot. After having recently moved, it really opens your eyes to things you have but never actually use. So why keep them?

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