It’s been a good week

Last night I read this while surfing blogs.  Great advice.  I’m all down with the keeping busy.

I’ve had two interviews this week.  Well had one, got one today.  I don’t really want either job but I keep thinking that I *need* money and nothing else might come up.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but then again, I’ve not been offered either job so it might not be an issue.

I’ve got stacks of cleaning and throwing out down this week.  Jaykay suggested having a day where we can all swap our unwanted stuff – clothes, bags, etc.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  Anyone else interested? 

I went for a run last night.  It was a struggle.  Just getting motivated to get out the door was struggle!  I struggle every time I run lately and that’s because I have no consistency whatsoever.  I run regularly for a week or so then I stop.  I’ve been doing this since way before I went away last year.  No more.  I’m committing to a minimum 3 runs a week. 

On Monday I’m going to the Big Day Out… on my own!  Yikes!  That’s kinda scary.  Because, you know, some random stranger might see me and think “omg, that person is at the bdo on their own – loser.” Or even worse, I might get bored!  Still I want to see Neil Young and it’s the only way to do it so off to the BDO alone I go.  It’s not scary, it’s an adventure!

Tasks for today:  job interview, writing, organising dressing table and getting rid of crap makeup, gym.  Oh and it’s my mum’s birthday today.  I haven’t got her a pressie yet.  Was going to send flowers but she’s going away for the weekend, maybe just cash?


10 responses to “It’s been a good week

  1. I haven’t been to BDO since whenever PJ Harvey was there last, but I went to that one on my own and it was the most fun I’d had a BDO! I found that I ran into people I knew all over the place anyway and I didn’t have to compromise on what acts I wanted to see. Highly recommend solo-festival-going!

  2. When I went to BDO on my own I just thought that everyone would look at me & think I was there to watch over my kids and I’d somehow lost them.

    Actually I was trying to avoid them.

    Being on your own is just as good as going with someone, maybe better because you go to what you want to see and not have to go listen to your friend’s fav. band in The Boiler Room (techno) *shudder, shudder*.

  3. I wish you had bought up the ‘swap’ 3 weeks ago 😦 I gave the Salvos 4 bags of clothes and 1 of shoes. Well done for getting out the door for a run.

  4. Sing along to Neil Young for me too, will ya!

  5. Get hold of a copy of the latest The Big Issue for the Neil Young article 🙂

  6. No way, doing shit on your own is liberating and courageous, I love doing stuff on my own and there will be no fights about what bands to see.

    I really love going to the movies on my own.

    Enjoy the day

    And get some consistency back to the running missy, you know they love their running over in Japan.

  7. dont think about what ‘you think he may be thinking’ youre not gonna know so who cares..and if he doesnt have anything better to think about….errrr then why is he at the BDO

  8. Congratulations on getting out there for a run Kathryn! And I’m sure you’ll enjoy BDO.

  9. I LOVE Neil Young young. Harvest Moon is one of my all time favourite songs (was going to be mine and my ex’s first dance song if he ever popped the question!).

    Have an amazing time.

  10. Yes I like being on my own at such things too. Nobody to cramp style.
    Accidentally had lo-carb dinner (not my fault) and had wine and this is bad cos no carbs to soak up alcohol. Badbadbadbad

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