I’m sure at the beginning of the year, for a new’s year thingo, I made mention of thinking positively.  Oh boy, that has so not been happening.  Instead of been in total freakout mode – “ohmygod I don’t have a job, I’m never going to get another job… I’m doomed…etc” while checking the job sites continuously for updates.

Yesterday I sat myself down and talked some sense to me.  Being positive isn’t just about expecting the results you want.  I can’t positive myself up a job out of thin air.  What I can do is make the most of my current situation.  I decided to stop sitting at my computer hitting the refresh key on Seek and instead limiting my search to a reasonable amount of time per day.  I really don’t think any job I’m looking for will disappear immediately. 

Instead, I’m going to make the most of being out of work – spending my time writing , studying Japanese, exercising and getting my stuff organised.  When I do start working again, I’ll regret not making the most of my free time so I need to kick my butt into gear!

At the same time, I have to change my thinking.  I tend to think that the reason I get work is because I’m lucky – being the only person available or having my stars in the right alignment.  That’s bollocks.  I get work because I’m damn good at my job.  Since I’ve been contracting, I’ve only ever got excellent feedback about my work.  People love working with me – I’m highly skilled, a delight to work with and super reliable. 

Thinking you are lucky and putting things in the hands of the gods, the universe or anything else out there isn’t positive thinking in my book.  Being in control of my life and making the most of what I have right here and now is!

3 responses to “+ve

  1. That last paragraph is solid gold!!! You go Kathryn!
    BTW love your hair!!!

  2. You said it sista! I’ve always thought myself lucky but yep, work f*cking hard for it. It’s so refreshing to read this post hon, especially after all the *woe is me* I keep reading elsewhere. I almost want to hand over the gun myself…with bullets! You’ve always been an inspiration to me. Be present in the here and now 🙂

  3. That is so right! The harder you work the luckier you get. Good attitude.

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