So I followed my advice and got all productive today.  One of the best things about the crappy hovel where I live is the huge bay window in my bedroom but I never made the most of it.  I had all junk stored there and it looked blah.  It took major gymnastics just to open the window.

I wish I’d taken before pics. 

The cost of this makeover – next to nix!

I bought a can of sample paint before Christmas but the dude at Bunnings said I needed a grey undercoat.  The undercoat doesn’t come in sample pots and costs $$$.  Today I decided to just go ahead and paint – it’s a tiny bit of wall and if it looked dumb then I could do something to fix it.  Plus I scabbed the paint brushes etc off  Tim and Simon before they went o/s cos they were just going to throw them out anyways.

The rose fairy lights and cushions I’ve had forever. 

The only thing I want to fix now is the curtain on the window.  It’s a grey army blanket that I got from the red cross ppl when I got sick at a fun run!  I’ve got a sari and some bright pink fabric from Thailand but neither are long enough. 

Anyway, I now have a lovely space to do yoga or meditate or read or do weights.  Space is awesome.

Oh and I did other renos today.  We have been having so many problems with our bathroom being a pigsty.  A big part of that is our housemates who are pigs but it doesn’t help that the bath/shower doesn’t drain (so all their putrid water hangs around).  This has been an issue for months.  The three guys in the house keep saying they’ll fix it.  They are tradies.  They have fancy tools and shit.  It’s never been fixed.  Today I got sick of it and poked it with a bent coathanger.  Oh yeah, it drains like a mofo now.

Conclusion: men are useless and you can fix any household problem with a coathanger, a butter knife and a shoe with a sturdy heel (now I just have to fix the housemates!).


9 responses to “Pink

  1. Not sure I agree with your conclusion there Kathryn! But well done on the reno, and on yesterdays positive thoughts!

  2. Well done on the makeover. It looks lovely. Great job fixing the plumbing too!

  3. oops, that last comment was from me 😉

  4. Oooh the pink is awesome, and so is your hair. I agree with your coat hanger, butter knife, shoe – theory but you need to add a roll of gaff tape!!

  5. How to fix housemates: Apply coat hanger, butter knife and shoe heel to housemates. That’ll fix ’em.

  6. He He! Pink looks good! It is amazing what something as easy as a little paint does for your mood : P

  7. I’ll tell you about the grey undercoat. I got sucked into using that. I painted the room white. The white turned grey. I would have preferred to have a yellow tinge which was up there before. I hated the white/grey so I painted a white with yellow tinge. The grey seeped through and made it a kacky greeny yellow. Disgusting. Then I painted it white again. Still has a grey tinge though not so bad. Hubby reckons I have so many layers of paint up there that soon enough I will be able to just tear strips of paint off. Suits me I f**ing hate the grey undercoat!

  8. Snap! I’ve got a pink wall in my living room. I love it and your’s looks lovely.

    Feels so good to fix something – especially with home made tools. I’ve got one screwdriver that seems to work for everything!

    I wonder you will even get a thank you from your housemates…

  9. That is a great shade of pink- and I am a lovely shade of green. Nothing worse than standing in someone else’s shower water!

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