Still in Melbourne, still no job.  Haven’t exercised in nearly week and so am feeling blobby!

But tomorrow I’m back to go-go class – yah!  And I have new hair:



10 responses to “Still

  1. purple, you saucy minx! It brings out the eyes 🙂

  2. I swear every photo you put up looks totally different from the last. Do you go around taking photos of randoms?

    I have been following your posts religously but have been to lazy to leave any comments. My bad.

    Hope work sorts itself out for you soon.

  3. I just remembered, I had the most amazing dream last night where I flew to Melbourne to run in some marathon. Why I would dream this when I hate running I have no idea. The whole time I kept thinking that I had to figure out where I could find you so I could run with you. That would have been fun for you, waiting at each corner for me to catch up. It won’t happen. I promise.

  4. your last sentense was not complete.

    you have new GORGEOUS hair!

  5. Witty woooo! Loving the purple. You really suit it. Gorg.

  6. Love the colour. I love dark colours.
    You do look different in every photo!!

  7. OooOooo the hair looks HAWT! 😀

  8. oh – i totally want hair like that!?!

  9. Love the new hair hon and yay for go-go classes again! Work will come, hang in there.

  10. I love your new hair! The colour is amazing

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