My contract finishes up tomorrow, I think.  Some communication would be a good thing but you can’t expect that my manager would actually tell me.    Not sure what is happening with the new possibility either.

Canberra feels so strange to me.  It’s like being with a man who won’t commit but who you rely on for financial support.  Not wanting to get too emotionally involved because you don’t know when it’s all going to end. 

I went to the gym tonight and decided I HATE my new gym.  Too many people – I guess it’s good that they retain clients but not good when I want to use the treadmill.  You have to book the cardio equipment.  I didn’t book it.  I got kicked off the treadie.  Luckily other people booked cos they needed somewhere to read their magazines!  Good thing I’m just using a guest pass.

Anyways, not looking forward to the long drive home but am looking forward to having all my stuff in one house.

4 responses to “Moving?

  1. I hate that!! Blair is in a similar situation at the moment, he has only about a weeks guaranteed work but there could be more work but the manager has not bothered to let him know whether there is or not. Good one when you have four kids to feed.

  2. Some communication would be nice for sure. How dodgy. I hope it all works out. Melbourne, please give iDiet a bloody job this instance so she can settle down in one place again and know where her mulla is coming from!

  3. Gyms suck, Canberra sucks, unemployment sucks, Managers suck … LOL

    I’ll miss you when you go, who will I have to sing ABBA and drink wine with on Tuesday nights??

  4. Hey Kathryn, all the best. Will look forward to catching up in Melbourne instead of Canberra. Hugs. TB says hi.

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