Jetsetting… or something

In Melbs atm but flying back to Canberra at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning… it was a dirt cheap flight.  Man, I hate people on planes – why do they wait for people to get on the plane if they are running late?  If you can’t get there on time, stiff.  The other morning we had to wait for a couple who got on the plane with coffees.  Nice to see where their priorities lie. 

Anyway, had an action packed day today – brunch then Japanese lesson then shopping – got some fabulous new bling (photos will follow hopefully) plus a couple of scarves, then more looking around the shops.  We’d planned to get the train home but they were bussing everyone from Vic Park station onwards… blerk… so left the train station and got ramen, then decided to go to karaoke! 

So a couple more days in Canberra then I’m back in Melbs again, driving back.  I think.  There is a possibility of a longer term position in Canberra so I might be packing up here and heading back up there longer term.


6 responses to “Jetsetting… or something

  1. I’m glad there’s the possibility of a longer term job. See you Tuesday.

  2. jetting interstate and back for shopping trips? Cool! Good luck with the Canberra job!

  3. And it’s even worse when you think you have scored an empty seat next to you and at the last minute someone gets on the plane and takes that seat!

  4. I think they have to wait, especially if they’ve checked luggage, otherwise they think they could have just checked a bomb or something.

  5. You certainly are getting around!

    I was late once and was so embarrassed getting on the plane with everyone glaring at me 😳

  6. good to see you immersing yourself in japanese culture before you even get there!

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