I feel like my work in Canberra is coming together in a way that actually feels strong and motivating  – ie. it’s finally PAYDAY!  Woohoo but I hate monthly pays.  I want to go crazy and buy lollipops and souffles but I won’t.

Yesterday I got a 10 trial membership for another gym.  Since I’m up at the ungodly hour of now, maybe I should head over before work.  Can you turn up the gym in your pjs?  Funny but I was actually thinking of packing my pjs in my gym bag the other day.  When  you go to the gym at night after work, you just do your workout and put your work clothes back on then get home and change in to your pyjamas anyway (well I do)… I figure it’s easier just to put on your jammies after your workout.

Big yahs also – it’s NOT going to be stinking hot today!

And I’m going to Melbs tomorrow.


4 responses to “Yah!

  1. One day it would be funny to turn up to the gym nude. Bwwwwaaahhhaaa!!

  2. there’s a lady at our gym whom I have witnessed with my own eyes arriving in her pjs. The clothes police aren’t up that early.
    How long will you be in Melb? have fun!

  3. The jammies thing happens a bit. Plus people who leave the gym in a dressing gown. It’s a little weird but whatever your comfy in.

    There are free 2 week passes in cosmo right now too but I never told you anything Ok

  4. Did you end up finding more work in Canberra or are you decided on moving back to Melbourne?

    I believe there’s a government gazette which has loads of jobs in it if you haven’t seen it


    Have a great time back in Melbourne!

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