Not a Recap

Lots of people have been writing 2008 recaps but I thought I’d avoid that.  After all, if you want to know what I did last year, you’d read through my archives!  But then I got to thinking – what did I do last year?

These were my goals I wrote at the beginning of the year:

  • buy a new bed. My current one is nearly 20 years old!
  • get my storage space organised and get put all the stuff I don’t use every day into the storage space so I have more room at home.
  • resolve writing issues and become more productive.
  • lose 20 kgs.
  • get dental work done
  • stop procrastinating so much.
  • Yah, I totally bought a new bed.  I also got a new shiny laptop.  I kinda, sorta sorted out my storage space (will have to more of that shortly to fit more in).  I’ve resolved my writing issues and written 20,000 of a new novelly thing in the past month or so.  Dental work – done.  Procrastination, mmm I’ll get back to you on that one…lolz.

    Lose 20 kgs – well I reckon if you added it up, I’d have lost 20 kgs except I lost like 2 kgs, gained 2 kgs, repeat.  Maybe in 2009 my goal should be to lose it without regain it!   I thought I’d put on a shitload of weight this year but reading back through my old posts, I discovered I was the same weight around last Christmas.

    The really amazing thing is that I did things in 2008 I never dreamed I’d do.  I just reread one of my blog entries from March where I was at a bar talking to a guy about travelling to Japan and how it was my dream.  He told me it was much cheaper nowadays (ha ha pre-financial crisis).  That really sparked something in me.  Then getting super cheap flights…  and now I’m prolly moving there this year!  I’m reluctant to take the move as a reality until it actually happens but, barring disaster, I’ll be there. 

    Which leads me to another thing I did last year that I hadn’t even dreamed of: learning Japanese.  Not that I’m fluent or anything, but I learnt enough not just to get around but to have some halfway decent conversations with people (esp cute boys). 

    I broke my 8 km in under 50 min running goal in January.  I broke my Run for the Kids running goal in April (btw I’m so excited about being in Melbs to do the zoo run now too – R4tK and the zoo run are my faves).  I piked out on the GOR half marathon but did the 14 run, not easily but I did it (and had a fun weekend to boot). 

    I said goodbye to my best friends.  Many times.  I thought they’d never leave this country!

    Even though I spent most of the year not writing, I still had 3-4 stories published.

    I went to the Big Day Out and V Festival (had totally forgotten about those, plus got my BDO ticket for this year… yah.. had to borrow money from my son though – loz at role reversal).

    I moved to Canberra, I was in the filming of a video clip, I had lots of shits and giggles.  2008, not all suckage.


    13 responses to “Not a Recap

    1. Sounds like it was a pretty good year overall!

    2. well that’s a pretty good final mark for a year – not all suckage!

    3. Busy year – again, aren’t we always??

    4. Wow, you’ve done tons more than me!

      Here’s to a great 2009 😀

    5. I’m glad that you decided to do a recap of 2008 after all! Cool year!

    6. that’s a freakin great year! if i could remmeber how to say “well done” in japanese i’d totally say it 😛

    7. You make my year look pathetic! Well done on an awesome 2008 and may 2009 be just as great 😀

    8. Dreams coming true is the most amazing feeling, isn’t it? I think you should be really proud of everything you did in 2008. But I have a feeling that your 2009 will blow it right out of the water!! 🙂

    9. Sugoi desu ne!

      May your 2009 be even more awesome than 2008 was! I can’t wait to read about your upcoming adventures :D.

    10. seriously good year. that 3-4 stories published?! amazing in this writers (notyetpublished)book.

    11. Having a not all suckage year is a pretty good year 🙂 🙂

      Hold on to the good stuff!

    12. Japan! A friend at work worked and lived there for three years, and can’t stop talking about it.

      I’m so excited for you, and all the things 2009 has in store for you.

    13. It’s pretty amazing when you look over everything you’ve done for the year. You’re a trooper babe! We’re lucky we document it all too – when I hear people say they’ve done “nothing” in the past year, I find it hard to believe. Even little achievements, experiences, whatever, it all counts 🙂

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