Today I found out that my contract in Canberra will end around the 13th, not the end of January as I’d been lead to believe (by things like hmmm my contract…).  At lunchtime I went for a walk beside the lake to think things over – I’d been making plans – to move into a share house, to join the gym – stuff that involve some kind of semi-commitment.  I’d make those plans thinking I’d be working for at least another 4 weeks, not another 7 days!

So I’ve decided unless some wonderful, glowing opportunity presents itself in Canberra, I’m going back to Melbourne when I finish this job.  I can’t afford to sit around here looking for work while I’m paying rent in Melbs and I can’t commit to moving here permanently when I don’t even have work.  Plus, since I’m heading to Japan later in the year, I need to be in one place to get my shit together and that place is best being the same place where I already have stuff in storage.

This time in Canberra has been both good and bad.  Much good – spending time with wonderful people like Briony, Kathy and Amanda; getting to see a bit of our nation’s capital; driving interstate for the first time; exploring a new place.  The bad is all work related – not being told things like my contract ending early or whether I had to work over Christmas (when I’d said numerous times I needed to know if I had change flights).  It’s been so damn frustrating.

Still it’s good to have made a decision 😀


5 responses to “Decisions

  1. Good work babe! You will be surrounded by gorgeous bloggers there! Lucky you!

  2. I’ll be sad to see you go – we’ve only managed to have one coffee so far!

  3. Upside is us Melbournites get to see you at some races maybe ?

  4. Happy New Year gorgeous! I suppose the good thing aqbout being in Canberra has probably involved getting away from your psychotic housemates and neighbours. But it’s always nice to be home. I do hope you find more work soon!

    I hope they plan on paying out your contract (there is something in there mentioning early termination of contract isn’t there?)

  5. It is so frustrating that these things keep happening. Surely it would only be common sense for them to know you need to know stuff…. I mean, they know you can up from Melbourne in the first place….


    I am frustrated on your behalf *hugs*

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