Back in Canberra

Got back to Canberra this morning and straight to work.  Arrgghhh… thinking of the money, thinking of the money…

I’ve decided I’m allergic to nuts or something.  I’ve had a funny belly (ha ha) all over Christmas, then it started getting better but today I had some nuts at work and it’s back.  I never normally eat nuts or, if I do, I eat small quantities so I’ve never had these kind of problems before.

Christmas damage = weight up to 87 kgs.  I was over 89 kgs but I magically lost 2 kgs by taking off my shoes and going to the toilet etc.  I think part of the weight gain is due to not drinking much (any?) water over the holidays.  Another big part is due to pavola – oh how I love thee, evil dessert!

My goal is to get under 80 kgs.  I will do this with hard work and discipline.  Tomorrow I’m joining the gym and my first mini goal is no superfulous food.  Good, yummy food that I want is a-okay but it’s all those snacks and things that I don’t really want but have anyway that cause the problem.  The second mini-goal is to drink water. 

My exercise goal atm is to get ready for the Run for the Kids.  I thought I might miss out this year, with the Japan thing and all but, since I’m not going for ages, R4tK is totally doable.  Yah!

Notice I posted my goals today.  That totally means they are NOT New Year’s Resolutions. 

Speaking of, I have NOTHING planned for NYE.  Not that I ever do much but it’s a whole different ball of cheese wax when you are doing nothing by choice!  If anyone knows of anything fun to do in Canberra alone on NYE, let me know.


4 responses to “Back in Canberra

  1. Welcome back! I might see you at the gym this week.

    I’m a bit of a nanna when it comes to NYE – we’ll be watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the ABC2 special with Myf…..exciting hey!

  2. Yep! At this time of year, you just got to work for the money! Cos the motivation is a little low!

  3. Crap, I’d better make some plans that are not NY resolutions…I was going to leave it until tomorrow but I do see your point…
    are there any fireworks by the lake in Canberra?

  4. Happy New Year Kathryn- hope you find some fireworks, or a massive drunken party to go to- or wake up early with no hangover and go for a run. Okay, just find a big party!

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