I’m sick of packing.  I’ve got a zillion things on my bed and realised that I can’t actually pack them until tomorrow morning because I need to pack my doona and I can’t do that until after I sleep and I have no idea how much space I’ll have in my bag until I put that in.

I’m coming back to Melbourne in two weeks so I really don’t need to pack EVERYTHING!

I do have a heap of skincare stuff to pack.  I left my Shisheido moisturiser in Japan and got one at Myer yesterday — plus a powder compact — plus a free gift with purchase.  Then the girl gave me the moisturiser gift pack with extras for the same price as the moisturiser on it’s own.  Now I have like 3 cleaners and 3 toners etc but the free gift with purchase ones are the perfect size for the gym bag.

Ok, before anyone notices what I just said: YES, I bought Shisheido in Melbs, took it to Japan, lost it and bought more in Melbs again.  YES I know that’s a bit arse about … but I only realised I’d lost it just before we left the country and I only had time to go to the Shiseido chain store not the upmarket Shiseido counter 9and not the discount Shiseido at the convience store) so I got the mid-range moisturiser as a stop gap. 

Arrggh enough of the gratiutious product placement (although I can’t recommend the lifting serum and massage mask highly enough).  Must pack.  Packing is insanely boring.  I’ve thrown out about 10 pairs of shoes and that is good.

Oh yeah and I’ve put on 4 kgs.  I nearly fell over.  That is not good.  But I can lose it.  I am in control.


5 responses to “Blah

  1. You sound busy so I’m glad you’re in control 🙂 Have a great NY Kathryn.

  2. Ha goodluck with the packing! Never too pleasant a task. My bag was 10kg over when I flew out of Auckland a few months back. Nearly died, thank god the cutie on check in let me get away with it otherwise would have been an extremely expensive way to start the trip.

  3. Packing sucks! But not as much as staying put in the one place!

  4. Happy new year to you Kathryn – hope the packing went well 🙂 Christmas is finished, it’s time for us all to shed the kg – you can do it and I can too 🙂

  5. Packing is totally the pits! Having to choose what to pack is even worse. Then having to try and fit it all in a suitcase tops it all off!!!

    Hope you have a fantastic new year.

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