• Still in Canberra, go to Tassie on Wednesday then back to Melbs on Saturday and then Canberra on Tuesday.  I thought I had to work Monday but apparently it’s a public service public holiday.  Who knew?  You think they’d tell you that before you booked your flights.
  • I wasn’t sure until Friday if I had to work between Christmas and New Year – again, you think they’d tell you so you could book flights or rearrange things!
  • Joined a gym this week.  Well when I say joined I mean I got a week’s trial membership.  Been going a long and checking it all out.  I think I’ll join for a month after Christmas.
  • Have got a share place to move into – again after Christmas.  It should be good.
  • Met with Kathy for drinks and eats on Friday and we are supposed to be going for a run this morning.  My motivation is LOW.
  • I am currently watching Briony cook a squillion Christmas treats – good that some are motivated with this stuff. 
  • Got confirmation/offer about working in Japan.  Because they are overstaffed – damn global financial crisis – it won’t be until after July… damn it!  Still gives me time to save (and loss weight… and learn more Japanese talking).

6 responses to “Random:

  1. My, you are the little jetsetter!
    What are you doing for chrissy?

  2. Have a lovely time down in Tassie. A Tassie Christmas would be nice and relaxing I reckon!

  3. Congrats on the job – do you know where you’ll be living yet? When do you head off? Sorry about the slow uptake – I’ve been offline for a week.

    Have a great Christmas! I hope your Christmas meal is the best ever.

    I hope you are liking the gym – did you end up dropping in at mine? If you do join up there, I’d love it if you say I referred you, as they’ll give me some free time 🙂

    Catch you sometime when we’re both back in CBR?

  4. all pretty exciting 🙂 Happy Christmas to you!

  5. Gees, I am away from blogging for a couple of weeks and you have moved to Canberra and have a new job in Japan. Wow!!!

    Good luck for 2009, sounds like it is going to be great for you! 🙂

  6. Have a great Chrissy Kathryn 🙂

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