You know, when I made my life changing decision (see below), I had all kinds of doubts and fears but now I’m not worried at all.  My friend Simon asked me last night if I was going to accept the job and I was amazed that he’d even ask. 

I have a theory about dreams and the like.  My main problem has never been having the courage to follow them, my problem has been trying to figure out which dream to follow.  You know how it is – you want to do A but then you also want to do B but if you do B, you certanly can’t afford to do A as well and then C looks really good… so you end up in a pile of inertia.

Recently a waitress at a cafe I go to decided to her job and move to Brisbane, then she got all panicked thinking she might be doing the wrong thing.  What is the wrong thing though?  It’s not like it can be reversed or fixed or changed.  It’s not a life long commitment.  It’s an adventure – and adventures don’t come with “satisfaction guaranteed” stamped on them.

Really it’s not about finding the “perfect” dream.  How many decisions in life end up being devastatingly wrong?  Well okay, a few.  But they happen, regardless of how much agonising you do to start with.  Doing nothing can can be devastating too – especially to your body! 

What I’m trying to say is that following your dream is about the process, not the end result.  So what if you find out halfway that you took a wrong turn.  Go back and make the right one or keep going and find a new path.  Or sit down and cry, but only for a moment.  So few things in life are as scary as our brains tell us. 

I think we have a “following our dream” muscle somewhere in our bodies and, like all muscles, it atrophies if we don’t use it.  And, like working any muscle, start small but work it frequently until it builds into something fearsome!


3 responses to “Dreams

  1. Ah you speak directly to my heart… I have ended up in heaps of mess, some resolved, some still in progress, all due to following the dream. And as much as I would like to have some things be different, I don’t regret following the dream in the first place. Who knows, it may have worked out so well… It didn’t but at least I don’t live with that horrible spectre hanging over my head – that of regret!!

    Well done to you – let’s all kill of that inertia gene!!

  2. This is the best blog post I’ve read, on any blog, for a long time. Beautiful.

    (But in the 3rd sentence of the 3rd paragraph I figure you meant “can’t” instead of “can” … I only mention it because it reverses the meaning of the sentence)

  3. You are so right, Kathryn! My motto is ‘if you have a plan, you can change it, if you don’t, you’ll still be sitting here when you turn 50’. My stint in Japan was abit of a disaster but it certainly changed my life – chasing down a dream always does, and as you say, working that ‘dream big’ muscle makes you fearsome, and fearless! You go girl!

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