Still in Canberra

I’m airfare booking girl atm.  First I had to book a flight to Sydney for the weekend – was going to take the bus but that was kinda impossible, then I booked a flight to Tassie.  OMG it cost more for a return flight from Melbs to Tas than it cost to fly to Japan!!!!  Mostly because my mum lives in the middle of nowhere and won’t drive to Launceston so I can get a cheap flight (oh yeah and there were no cheap flights to Lonnie anyway at the right time).  It doesn’t help that I have zero time off work, not that I can afford to loll around over Xmas, so have to fly late Xmas Eve.

I told Mum she’d better cook the best Xmas lunch ever.

I found out today with have showers at work so am planning a pre-work run if I ever get to bed.  Am also having coffee with the lovely Amanda after work so will get to explore another part of the city. 

My workmates are so friendly and so wanting me to move to Canberra permanently – one of them is a real mother hen and been telling me all the places to go.  Did you know there are baby tigers at the Canberra and you can pat them!!!!  OMG I’m so onto that.  She even copied a story out of the paper on the best coffees in Canberra.  People here think if you are from Melbs you must be obsessed with coffee.  I’d like to counteract that myth but I just can’t!

Anyway, Briony says I haven’t driven her mad yet so I must try harder 😀


3 responses to “Still in Canberra

  1. Yes try harder, Briony needs the challenge 🙂

    Yay for showers at work, use them, that way you will be clean and purty for patting the Tigers… Gotta love Canberra LOL

  2. Glad you are settling in well. We so want to live in Tassie!

  3. well you were hating your house, maybe a semi-permanent move to our nation’s capital would be a good thing!

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