Canberra – it’s quiet!  And like country or something – there are paddocks of sheep in the middle of the city (well I think it’s the middle of the city because the middle doesn’t look any different to the rest.  I’ve gotten lost a zillion times already.

Work is good, very public servicey.  I don’t have internet access yet but they can’t deny me.  I need it for research for my job and stuff like that.  Oh yeah.

I drove up yesterday on the Hume Highway.  It’s not really a highway after you get out of Victoria though is it.  You can’t call a one lane road a highway.  I stopped at Wangaratta cos I thought they’d have signs up like “proposed site of the Nick Cave statue” and stuff like that but found nothing.  I couldn’t even find a sandwich shop that was open, only some fish n’ chips that looked like they’d been sitting in a bain marie for weeks.

I stopped at some other place too.  It had a submarine.  The cafe said they had the best coffee on the Hume.  The other places must be freaken shithouse then.

Anyway I’m staying with Briony (and prolly driving her mad).  Going to Sydney on the weekend and then back here until Xmas when I go to Tassie… if I can get a flight under $1,000,000.

Just went for a “run” … I’m so unfit!


10 responses to “Canberra!

  1. I get lost when driving in Canberra too. I think it’s because of all the circular roads, you can never tell which direction you’re heading.

  2. Wow you’ve started already – awesome! Have fun exploring your new city!!!

  3. Goodluck with new job!!! How quick was that!!!
    they want to put the nick cave statue here in “Warracknabeal” – not wangaratta!! And we don’t have a sign up either…
    A new family to town friend’s keep on asking them if they have bumped into Nick yet??? LOL!!!
    Have fun!!!

  4. I think I have been in that coffee shop – and definitely seen that submarine!! Ah the heady days of driving to Melbourne LOL

    Have fun with your new job and I am sure you and Briony will get on just fine 🙂

  5. Welcome 🙂 I just emailed you about catching up.

  6. Congrats Kathryn on your new job and move to Canberra!! Is it permanent??

  7. My darling bloggy buddy LaLa lives in Canberra, now she’d be worth teeing up with!!

    I have no idea what you’re up to, too many posts to catch up on but it is great to see you still going strong and being the great writer you always are.

  8. You are NOT driving me mad, yet!! haha
    At least with the circular roads if you miss an exit you can go round and get it on the next run!!


    What’s for dinner? I’m thinking cheese, biscuits and a bottle of wine???


  9. One thing I remember about Canberra was the great public transport. There were buses going everywhere!!

    I lived right out in Tuggeranong, so it was a long trip for me, but at least I got on the bus first so always got a seat!!

    Have you done any sightseeing yet??

  10. LOL.had a giggle at this… i once drove around canberra literally thinking how am i supposed to find ANYTHING!!!!! i got lost a bzillion times

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