Do you know who I hate today – I hate every single person who DIDN’T turn up to my boxing class last night.  It was only me and the instructor.  You’d think they’d cancel the class but no, instead I got trained to death.  Pain, pain, pain.  We started with a warm up that involved running stairs then push ups, crunches and squats in a circuit.  The instructor reckons I’m the only person she’s seen who runs up the stairs and walks down – hey, I’m not scared of hard work but I’m totally scared of tripping over and getting major injuries!

Then lots of boxing and other circuit work.  I’d planned to go to Go Go class afterwards but I just couldn’t.


6 responses to “Pain

  1. You’re bitching about cheap personal training that most people pay $60 or more for!!
    I know what the bitching will be about tomorrow when DOMS catches up with you.
    I always walk down stairs too. I’ve gone for the tumble once too often.

  2. Sorry for not showing up 🙂 If I had you probably would have pummeled me – I’m hopeless at boxing.

  3. I have a terrible habit of tripping while walking upstairs, in fact I have a great big bruise on my shin after doing this last week!

    Well done on not piking it, I only did boxercise twice and I could barely move for 3 days after.

  4. I LOVE boxing. The first time I couldn’t walk for 3 days properly and then after that I used to go twice per week. I wish I was there with you. Maybe if you get a job in Sydney we can box the crap out of each other LOL..

    Hope you can walk tomorrow 🙂

  5. That must have been some workout. Do you not feel a wee bit smug about how hard you pushed yourself?

    I suspect you will be crawling up the stairs over the next few days. Ouch!

  6. that is SO funny-but yeah really its a very intense personal training session..YAY

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