Moving on up…

…to Canberra.  Yah!  Fireworks and porn and Briony 🙂  I’m still not 100% sure about this job – they seem as flaky as hell (hope they aren’t like that when I start work – maybe it’s just a HR thing) but work is work and at least I don’t have to apply for the dole.  Yah… Preston Centrelink is a scary, scary place.

I am so sore from the workout yesterday.  I don’t think it was the boxing that killed me so much as the pushups and crunches and squats – oh yeah and the star jumps!  Freaken star jumps.

Anyway, I’ve got a zillion things to go before I leave, like finding my degree in my storage space (I’ve been procrastinating on that).


13 responses to “Moving on up…

  1. Yaaay – to porn and fireworks and Briony of course LOL. Maybe the next big blogger meet should be in Canberra. Halfway between Syd and Mel and we can all storm K.Rudd and demand a Fat Loss Rebate 🙂

    Good luck with the job, I am sure you will make it into your own and build it into what you want. Now get to that storage area and find that degree!

    Well done again x

  2. Good luck Kathryn – is this a permanent job? Congrats.

  3. OOOOH! How exciting! Good luck!

  4. I’m sure you’ll have a fab time in Canberra. Have you got accommodation sorted yet?

  5. Woo hoo! Umm they only sell fireworks once a year for the June long weekend, so you’ve missed them for this year mate!!
    But porn is sold year round! Fyshwick here we come (so to speak) bwooharhar.
    Go get your degree out of your storage space, do it, do it now.
    Oh and try to make that major life decision before you get here!!!!!
    See you soon! I’ll have the margaritas and the Singstar ready…

  6. It’s not that it’s really really cold temperature wise, it’s more that there is no insulation in most apartments (unless you live in Hokkaido or something), so it’s inescapable. houses don’t have central heating either, so my only heat is a wall mounted unit in my living room. This means when it’s gets too cold/hot I have to move in there for heat/aircon.

  7. Have a great time in Canberra …. lots of luvverly runs up there. We may have to come up and visit once you’re settled!

  8. Congratulations! Watch out Canberra!!!!!

  9. Congratulations!! I’m sure you’ll let us all know when you get here…we can head out for a coffee and/or a run!

  10. Oh, how exciting Kathryn! Congrats!!

  11. Exciting/scary news. What of your sister, will she be moving too?

  12. Move to Fyshwick (sp?) then you will be able to walk to your local porn purveyor! At least it will be summer so you will only be a bit cold! Kidding- Canberra is beautiful and there are so many gorgeous places to run.

  13. Did you get locked in your storage facility accidently?? LOL.. Actually I shouldn’t laugh in case it is true..

    Hmmm who should I call first…

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